Palak Raita: The Recipe Of Healthy Side Dish

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Palak Raita: The Recipe Of Healthy Side Dish

The Raita is a perfect companion to have with the main meal. And when we talk about it we also love to have some of them which are really healthy. So, saag are healthy and very suitable for making it. And that’s why I am going to talk about Palak Raita right now with the complete recipe along with ingredients and the procedure to make it.

We have been listening all these years about tomatoes & onions usage in palak curries such as palak paneer but I am going to present a new and interesting angle of palak recipe for the experiment. It is the healthy Indian dish, Palak Raita. It is the combination of yogurt, sauteed palak (spinach), tomatoes, onion & seasonings. Spinach is high in phosphorus, potassium, copper, niacin, zinc, protein, fiber, manganese, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, magnesium, folate, calcium and iron and low in fat. And the Yogurt is enriched with calcium. It is simple yet quick recipe to be prepared in less than thirty mins. Distribute this healthy and yummy palak raita with biryanis or stuffed parathas. You could also try variant by involving boondi in it.

Ingredients of Palak Raita:

- Curd (yoghurt)-4 cup
- Sliced tomato-1/2 cup
- Sliced onion-1/2 cup
- black salt-1 pinch
- green chilli-2
- spinach-2 bunch
- salt as needed
- roasted cumin seeds-2 tsp
- water as needed
- vegetable oil-2 tbsp

For Garnishing:

- Coriander leaves-One handful

How to prepare Palak Raita:

Step 1) Clean & chop the palak (spinach) & green chilies. Put it beside in a bowl.

Step 2) Put a vessel with moderate heat, include oil. When the oil is heated, drop the cumin seeds & allow them to sputter. Now add the spinach & saute it for five mins. Allow it to be cool.

Step 3) In a large bowl, beat the yogurt until it gets soft. You could pour slight water to keep the consistency.

Step 4) Then add every components & the sauteed spinach into the yogurt & combine properly. Decorate with coriander leaves. You could refrigerate the raita for five to ten mins. Have it chilled.

The Author is a food lover. She lives in Bangalore. She loves to writes on various food dishes including raita as she loves companions of main meal. She writes own blogs too. She explores new cities, new food places to experience new varieties of food everywhere.

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