Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

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We’re getting to that point in the year when the chill in the air sends many of us running for a jacket or blanket. Avoid unexpected wind and cold this winter by preparing your heating system Once temperatures begin to drop, you can kick on the thermostat and enjoy a nice, toasty evening at home with the family!

Fast Tips to Prepare Your Heating System

First, here are a few simple steps you can take to prepare your home’s heating system. These tasks can be completed yourself, without any help from an HVAC technician.

  1. Filters – If you have yet to change your furnace filter, do so now. In fact, please make it a priority. A dirty filter is a common cause of malfunctions in your heating system.
  2. Ventilation – An often-overlooked task is keeping your ventilation clean and clear. Doing so improves indoor air quality, leads to better heating, and reduces monthly utility bills.
  3. Cleaning – Before you turn on the furnace for the first time this winter, clean the entire system. During the summer and fall, the average heater accumulates dust, dirt, and debris.

Professional HVAC Services

Before the first snowfall, you’ll want to have scheduled an appointment with a leading HVAC service provider. First, your heating system should be inspected annually. A lack of routine maintenance and inspections often leads to zero heat indoors. During an inspection, your trusted HVAC technician will perform numerous tasks, including:

  1. Detecting leaks and corrosion
  2. Cleaning the heating system
  3. Ensuring all controls work
  4. Tracking carbon monoxide leaks

Bonus Tips

We’ve already discussed the most common tactics to prepare your heating system for winter. Now, here are a few bonus tips to ensure your home is fully prepared.

  1. Insulation – Ensure your home has adequate insulation in unheated areas, such as the attic and crawl spaces. You may wish to insulate both your water heater and exposed pipes – you can reduce heat loss by doing so.
  2. Vents – We discussed cleaning your ventilation. Remember also to uncover them. It’s easy for drapes or furniture to cover your vents. Shift things around a bit.
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