Remedies for dry frizzy hair

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Remedies for dry frizzy hair

Managing frizzy hair can be a daily battle for some women.

Frizzy hair is often caused due to lack of TLC and a proper hair care regimen. But it helps to know those little insights that are causing frizzy hair.

Common causes for frizzy hair

- You may not be drinking enough water

- You may be showering your hair with hot water and for a prolonged time

- You’re not deep conditioning your hair

- Use of excessive styling hair products / hair colouring / highlights

- Not brushing your hair before washing

- Some of your medication may be affecting your hair

Want non-frizzy hair? A little extra attention is all it takes. These easy-to-follow home remedies will get you closer to the hair you’ve always wanted - shiny, bouncy and healthy.

Coconut oil / coconut milk

Indian households have grown up to applying coconut oil on their hair. Coconut oil is the best nourisher when combined with vitamin E oil or castor oil.

Application: Once or twice a week

Carbonated water

Rinsing hair with carbonated water (soda) helps calm frizzy hair due to its low-level PH content

Application: After shampooing, rinse your hair with carbonated water once or twice a week

Banana mask

Banana is a well-known humectant and helps nourish hair naturally.

Application: Apply banana mash mixed with little oil and honey once a week and follow your shampoo + conditioner routine thereafter


Honey is a sublime conditioner. Honey when mixed with lemon also gives an extra dash to shine to your hair.

Application: Dilute honey with warm water/lemon and let it sit for half an hour before you shampoo and condition your hair.


Beer is known for its moisture retaining properties and decarbonated beer works wonders on frizzy hair.

Application: Use decarbonated beer (flat beer) and use it as a conditioner after shampooing your hair. Use cold water to wash off the beer.

Bonus tips

- Avoid towel hair drying, let hair dry naturally

- Minimise the use of blow dryers, hair curlers, irons and other gadgets

- Avoid excessive shampooing

- Brush your hair before taking a hair wash

- Use a ‘wide-toothed’ comb to detangle your hair

Don’t let bad-hair days spoil your plans anymore. Get going, it’s time to tame your frizzy hair.

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