Do you think bullfights, cockfights, dogfights, fish fights and the likes should be banned? Why?

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Do you think bullfights, cockfights, dogfights, fish fights and the likes should be banned? Why?

Bullfights, cockfights, dogfights, fish fights and the likes should be totally banned Worldwide. The notion that animals do not have any sentiment is completely wrong. Rather animals are more sensitive than human. This is because they are unable to express their feelings through speech. However, the agony that they suffer when in pain or they are battered.  

No living being in the world like to get agitated or irritated. Even the smallest creature has been provided with a mechanism to resists any kind of irritation. They either react or move away from the zone of disturbance. For example, the smallest micro-organism moves away from an aquatic environment which is poisonous and the snake stings when attacked.

The first natural instinct of  any animal is to move away from any danger that it senses to  its life, but it has to defend itself when attacked. The animals at fights do not know about ritual or sports or game. Yet it senses that not something good is going to happen and is, therefore, restless. This is enough to take it to the next stage of irritation. The animals do not fight by taking it as a sport but frantically try to defend themselves and want to escape from the situation.  

In some countries, the locals take the meat of the animal(cock) after it gets killed. This meat is toxic, as the body of any animal when tenses, frightened or irritated secret toxin which when eaten by human reacts on their body. Such meat has a psychological effect on the human brain. People eating toxic meat are said to be more violent.

The World today in which we live is full of violence. Not only human lives are lost but many animals are becoming extinct. Moreover, none of us have the right to be cruel towards animals and such animal fights are just being cruel towards animals. We irritate and then hurt and drive them to death. No religion preaches cruelty. Hence such blood sports as animals fights should be totally banned. In such sports not only do animals loose their lives but also human beings have to sacrifice their lives which is not acceptable in a civilized society. 

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I think they should be without a doubt restricted on the grounds that they are to a great degree hurtful represents the animals and in addition the people. That is totally genuine that nobody needs to get aggravated or fomented by anybody. The Matadors or individuals who purchase tickets to watch these sorts of shows are profoundly reassuring them. This sorts of acts ought to be punished as they inconvenience the quietness of a man and in addition the animals. I prescribe you to never go for these sorts of shows.

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