Should the United States Stop Using the Death Penalty?

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What you are thinking..Should the United States Stop Using the Death Penalty?

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Although, this question can call for a big debate, but I feel that giving the death penalty to someone for a crime he or she has committed is not the best thing to do. I agree with the fact that in some cases the crime is so heinous that the judiciary and even the common mob might think of nothing but a death penalty as the punishment. However, the sad part about the death penalty is that the criminals and terrorists are no more scared of them. Instead of giving the death penalty to someone for his or her wrongdoings what the judiciary can do is give them life imprisonment. This leaves room for them to introspect in their own acts and they might just feel pangs of regret. So, my personal opinion is that the death penalty can be stopped in the United States. Instead of using a death penalty, the judiciary can look for ways by which criminals and terrorists may get an opportunity to repent over what they have done and start their lives as normal people. This also proves better in cases where a person commits crimes due to certain life circumstances that he or she is trapped into. Therefore, I feel that even if the judiciary wants to give death penalty, it should be restricted to very extreme cases.

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First of all, we would like to thank you for posting your query on our website. And secondly, you have asked quite a tricky question! Such decisions are ultimately in the hands of the higher authorities. People like us can keep debating about the same. There are several pros and cons that a government takes a note of before enforcing a penalty or punishment under the broad light. Any punishment that is said to be cruel and/ or rare is examined keeping in mind the present standards of decency. For instance, in the year 2005, death penalty in the case of juvenile offenders had been taken down as none of the states were making use of such a punishment and it was also not observed to be moral. The punishment was rarely used in case of juveniles by any states and even the ones who allowed the same were declining in number.

But, according to our perspective, a punishment needs to be like a punishment, especially when it involves the worst offenders. And who is it appropriate for? It is apt for the people who rape children, serial killers, mass murderers etc. In relevant cases, the punishment is justified. However, under the cases where the victim could not get the required defense, they are the ones to suffer! People who actually are not at fault yet get stuck under such circumstances are the ones at stake.The issue that you want to discuss is a very controversial one and every person has his/ her own point of view. There can be better alternatives like a life sentence that is given without parole. And as we said, death penalty puts at risk the life of innocent people. Plus the entire system costs a fortune for successful execution. And despite such a corporal punishment, the crime rate is still on a high. However, on the other side of the story, banning such a punishment would turn US into an anarchic civilization. And it is only through flawless execution that death penalty proves to be successful regardless the statistics that prevail till now.

We hope you will find the answer to what you have been looking for. Thank you for your query. We will be looking forward to more such interesting questions from your end.
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There is much room for debate when we bring the topic of Capital punishment in the US to the table. The death penalty remains a topic controversy and divides the people into two groups when the discussion commences.  The increase of weapons in the country has entered a terrible dimension. Hence, discontinuing the use of the death penalty would be chaotic, and the corruption scale would have been much greater. What hides the effectiveness of the death penalty is a lack of harsh sentencing laws being implemented to it.  The hangings of sinners don’t seem to change the things, therefore common view changes more in favour of doing away with capital punishment. A total of 19 states have now condemned it. The death penalty in the United States is in crisis for many reasons. The main cause the nation has shifted away from obsolete-seeming killing systems — firing squads, hanging, the gas chamber and the electric chair — toward deadly vaccination is that intravenous poisoning is less bothersome for the public.

Some people argue that death penalty can have a number of other alternatives which should be considered by the country. One of the alternatives that are much talked about is life without parole. You can get the offender put up in prison for the rest of their without any parole. Death penalty puts the lives of innocent people at risk. Once you have murdered the person, proving that they were innocent is not beneficial at all since it won't change anything. If they are imprisoned, they can still be bailed without charges. Also, not many people know but we pay millions in order to make it possible for the death sentence to carry out. If the death sentence is stopped, we will save millions of bucks. Many people get sentenced to death because they do not have a proper defence to save themselves. Due to this, many death sentences have been reversed as well. The biggest reason to ban death penalty is that the punishment does not make people stop doing the crimes. According to a study, the countries without the death penalty had lesser crime rate in comparison. The capital punishment does not make the suffering of the family of the murder victim any less. In fact, it would be better if we use the money to help their family instead of using it in the death penalty system. Capital punishment goes against nearly all religion. Although secluded sections of the Bible have been quoted in the backing of the death penalty, about all religious organizations in the United States regard executions as sinful. The large majority of countries, more than 117 nations, globally have dropped capital punishment in law or in practice. The United States continues in the same club as Iraq, Iran and China as one of the main users of capital punishment. So it seems that it would better off if it removed the death penalty from its system as there can a lot of ways to make a criminal pay for their activities.

The U.S. ought to give the death penalty to any genuine wrongdoing that is without a sensible uncertainty, submitted with malevolent goal. An excessive amount of citizen cash goes to lodging unlawful executioners. There ought to be no space for them in a jail house. In any case, they have to let all medication guilty parties for pot out of prison and jail.

The alternative should even now be on the table, yet it should be extremely restricted. The danger of killing the pure is a unique little something that regardless of the possibility that it happens once every 10,000 times is too much. Just the most unfathomably sickening acts that there is essentially before the trial begins zero uncertainty the blamed is blameworthy for warrant it. This should even now be an alternative however one that occurs at most once every year over the whole nation.

The death penalty is outlined as an obstacle for the most terrible violations. Sadly, in any case, such a large number of postponements and bids exist that not very many culprits ever get executed in a convenient way. In the event that individuals were executed after a few interests as opposed to being permitted to put in 30 years waiting for capital punishment, the death penalty would be significantly more compelling.

The risk of the death penalty is an obstacle in itself. In the event that death penalty were nullified, the most dire outcome imaginable for a criminal would be life in jail and the likelihood of parole. Notwithstanding the seriousness of the wrongdoing being carried out, it would dependably be in the back of a criminal's mind that there would never again be a capital punishment – this may make it somewhat less demanding for him or her to settle on the choice to violate the law.

No, death penalties are a great way to get rid of the blood-sucking monsters.

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