The exodus of Kashmiri pundits

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The exodus of Kashmiri pundits

Kashmiri Pundits have always been an important part of society in Kashmir.

In fact, these Pundits were a favorite of Dogra rulers. After 1947, the exodus of Pundits began and 20 percent of the population left the state owing to Muslim riots of 1948. Some others followed suit after the 1950 land reforms and by 1981 only 5 percent of the total Kashmiri population were Hindus.  

The rest of the Kashmiri Pundit population had to leave the state owing to the events which occurred in early 1990’s when militancy took roots in the state. Majority of the Hindu population migrated to Jammu and had to live in pathetic conditions in refugee camps.

By 2010, the Jammu and Kashmir Government had identified that only 808 families of Kashmiri Pundits still remained in the valley. However, the threat posed by terrorist groups still looms large the and majority of the local people of Kashmir too remain aloof from the problems being faced by Kashmiri Pundits who chose to remain in the valley, despite grave threat to their lives.

It is only the grit and determination of Kashmiri Pundits who despite being displaced from their homes are leading a dignified life and many of them have been able to succeed in the life they chose out of their homeland.

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