The greatest inventions of the 21st century

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The 21st century is the generation of innovation.

Many new techniques and technologies have come up or are still in the evolutionary stage. It is, therefore, necessary to check out some of these innovative solutions and technologies which have taken the world by storm.

1. Genetic Engineering

Thought it is too early to say if we are in a position to program the human DNA but by end of this century, humans will be in a position to find and determine sex, hair and eye color and intelligence of their child. It is estimated that by the year 2100, Human Beings will be in a position to create genetically modified animals.

2. Transportation at Hypersonic Speeds

It will be soon enough when people will be able to cover the distance from London to Tokyo in a fraction and that too at Mach 10 speed. This means that the journey time between these two cities will be less than one hour.

3. Artificial intelligence

Soon the machines will be in a position where they will be able to think, comprehend and act on their own. A beginning has been made on this front and soon enough the robotic technology is all set to rise to a new high.

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