The Wikipedia story

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The Wikipedia story

Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger would have never thought that their innovation would one day be considered as the sixth most popular website in terms of visitor traffic. The year was 2001 and sixteen years down the line Wikipedia is one of the best online encyclopedias which offers a plethora of topics and references to any avid learner.

What you can expect from Wikipedia

The range of information that is available on Wikipedia can be understood from the fact that there are 17 distinct subcategories of topics on Wikipedia. The range of topics in these subcategories ranges from Arts, Games, Geography, Health, History, Industry to People, Philosophy, and Society.

Rich source of References

Wikipedia is also a rich source of references and you can check various Gazetteer, Magazine, Scientific Journal and Web Dictionary on Wikipedia. Research scholars and students alike consider Wikipedia to be an authentic source of information and seek assistance from this online source of information.

Why is Wikipedia Popular

Wikipedia offers an opportunity to create, edit and post information online. In short, it is an opportunity to let the world know that you too can create and share information. So, get going and unleash the scholar within you. The world is waiting for you.

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