Which sites can be used for doing literature research work?

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Which sites can be used for doing literature research work?

Research is a broad term that requires a lot of patience, energy and focused attitude towards fulfilling your hypothesis and objectives. Thus, we need to have a proper mechanism and strategy for conducting research. For proper research, we also need to know what has already been done and reported by other investigators in our field of research. 

Although, there are libraries where we can get access to many books, thesis or dissertations, journals, and encyclopedias but in today’s time libraries are visited by very few students or researchers. The library has been replaced by the internet and search engines, where we can get access to thousands of journals and other study materials useful for our topic.

One needs to search lots of research articles, review papers, e-books and other sources for interpreting their own results to discuss it and defend the results obtained, also one has to write a review of literature chapter in the dissertation that includes recent updates on the topic you are working on. Further, when you write an article for publication again you need to update with the recent advances. One cannot write anything without quoting the reference. 

The information written in a review of the literature and in the discussion should be from the authentic and genuine source for credibility. The use of the internet for review search has saved a lot of time and thus, you can get more time to write it efficiently. There are academic search engines that are useful for students doing research, investigators and scientists for their desk review and preparation of publication paper. There are many trusted websites or search engines that give information on various topics such as engineering, medical, nutrition, biotechnology, etc.

Let us list down various search engine sites that you can use for the literature search.

1. Google Scholar

2. CiteSeerx

3. Bioline International

4. PLOS One

5. New Journal of Physics

6. Directory of Open Access Journal

7. BioOne

8. GetCited

9. Microsoft Academic Research

10. ScienceDirect

11. EBSCO Publishing

12. Pubmed Central

13. Medline

14. ProQuest

15. Royal Society of Chemistry

16. African journals Online

17. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

18. American Chemical Society

19. Cornell University

20. Wiley-Interscience

21. University of Southampton

22. Elsevier


24. CABI

25. Ingenta Connect

26. ScienceOpen

27. SpringerLink

28. National Diet Library

29. Scirus

30. Online Journals Search Engine

31. Social Science Citation Index

32. Medline Plus

There are many more search engine sites, but the above ones are the most important sites where you can get all the required information on almost all the major disciplines of science including biology, computer technology, environmental science, social sciences, physics, nutrition, food technology and many other disciplines of academic research. 

However, many of the sites require a subscription and some are free to access. But, for getting full-text articles one of the simplest ways is that you can write to the author an email requesting them to send you the full text of the article. Most of the time authors do send the articles.

All the best to all the students who are doing research.

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Yes, if proper keywords are used to search these sites are very useful.

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