Try The Samosa Variant For Occasions: Samosa Pinwheels

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Try The Samosa Variant For Occasions: Samosa Pinwheels

The Samosa Pinwheels are prepared by using all-purpose flour, potatoes, peas & semolina. This is a simple snack recipe which is best enjoyed with the tomato ketchup or green chutney.

Samosa Pinwheels recipe is lip-smacking and mouth-watering delight. This Samosa variant is perfect for the events and occasions such as birthday parties, kitty parties and picnics.

Ingredients for Samosa Pinwheels:

- boiled, peeled, mashed potato-4

- boiled peas-1/2 cup

For Filling:

- cumin seeds-1 tsp

- Sliced green chilli-1 tbsp

- garam masala powder-1/2 tsp

- salt-1/4 tsp

- coriander powder-2 tsp

- red peppers-1/2 tsp

- dry mango powder-1 tsp

- Well chopped cilantro-2 tsp

For Dough:

- all-purpose flour-1 cup

- salt-1/2 tsp

- water-1/3 cup

- semolina-2 tbsp

- refined oil-3 tbsp

How to prepare Samosa Pinwheels:

Step 1) For making the dough, combine flour, salt, oil & sooji. Pour water as required to prepare the dough smooth. Close the dough with a damp cloth & let it rest for around fifteen mins.

Step 2) For stuffing, squeeze water from green peas. Combine potatoes, coriander, cumin seeds, green chilli, salt, cilantro & mango powder. Part the filling into two portions & put beside.

Step 3) Next, combine three tbsps of all-purpose flour & ¼ cup water for preparing a thin batter. Knead dough for one minute before you roll.

Step 4) Part the dough in 2 equal portions & prepare them in patties. Roll them into an 11-inch diameter. Spread a part of filling evenly on the other.

Step 5) Roll sheet smoothly & utilise slight water for sealing the sides perfectly.

Step 6) Using a sharp knife chop both the ends about one inch longer, this must make around fourteen to sixteen pinwheels. Press every pinwheel lightly. Do the similar thing with the next sheet, you would have like thirty pinwheels.

Step 7) Heat the oil into a frying vessel on a moderate flame.

Step 8) Dip the pinwheels in batter one at a time & fry the pinwheels into tiny batches till each side turns golden-brown.

Step 9) Every batch would take 3 to 4 mins for cooking. Repeat the process till all the pinwheels are done. The delicious & crisp pinwheels of yours are now ready to serve.

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