Top 10 American Video Games For The US Independence Day

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Top 10 American Video Games For The US Independence Day

It is America’s birthday and what can be a better way of celebrating it than video games. Over the last decade, video games have evolved rapidly. What was once an industry dominated by the Japanese has become where American’s spearhead a huge share of success in just about every genre. It’s a great thing to be proud of.

We all have an idea of what the great American dream is and there can perhaps be no better way to realize the great dream playing video games that are based on America’s ideology and represent everything that America stands for. Naturally, there are quite a few games that celebrate the United States and all it stands for, things like freedom, vigor, and an unrelenting drive to blow things up (of course, blowing the ones that are anti-society or anti-national). Since blowing things up is not only incredibly dangerous but quite thrilling, video games are the best outlet for that American instinct.

Here is a list of 10 such video games that are worth your time on America’s Independence Day. We have not only suggested you games that you can play but why these are games so American at their cores. Take a look:

#1. America’s Army: Proving Grounds

The America’s Army series has the honor of being the only video game developed, published and distributed by the U.S. Army. The best thing about America’s Army: Proving Grounds is it’s free. Give it a shot — you’ll probably wish you were just playing Arma 3 instead.

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#2. Assassin’s Creed III

What better way to celebrate America’s birthday than playing a video game set in the American Revolution? Assassin’s Creed III is a great window to the past and besides the whole Templar and Assassin stuff, is probably somewhat education. We thoroughly enjoyed this game, even though it’s the entry that we have heard the most complaints about. The main character, Connor, is a little bland and the pacing was a bit off, but it’s an interesting take on the birth of the United States.

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#3. Broforce

In Broforce you play as various “bros,” hyper-violent and patriotic versions of fictional heroes. Nelson Brodela is your leader, and the bad guys want to hurt America, so you have to kill them. That’s as in-depth as the plot gets, but the awesome Contra-style gameplay and over-the-top style make Broforce a blast to play.

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#4. Almost Any Call of Duty

All of the Call of Duty games feature at least a little bit of gameplay as a US soldier. This first-person shooter series set the standard for control and arcade-style multiplayer, and the campaigns have that straight-up ’90s action movie vibe. The writing isn’t that good, but the tight controls and level variety make playing through them a blast. Play a Call of Duty and feel the patriotic rush of mowing down Nazis and Ultranationalists today!

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#5. Saints Row IV

In this fourth entry in the goofy Saints Row series, you find yourself in the shoes of the leader of the 3rd Street Saints who has somehow gotten elected president of the United States. The humorous script and the fun open-world gameplay make this an awesome game.

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#6. Wolfenstein Series

There’s nothing more patriotic than killing Nazis, and Wolfenstein is 100% about that. The recent Bethesda entries in the series are pretty awesome and have some memorable characters and plot, unlike the original few titles that were more arcade-ish. Celebrate your freedom by ending General Deathshead’s this Independence Day!

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#7. Madden NFL 25

Sorry Baseball and Basketball, American Football is the most popular sport in the country. Deal with it. In America, we like force and severity, especially when it involves 22 players obliterating each other. Sure, it was even more American back when they didn't wear pads, but that wasn't so good for their health. Madden NFL 25 is a great way to live the joy of spearing foes to jar the ball loose even when NFL is in the off-season.

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#8. Red Dead Redemption

Ah, the great frontier. Sadly, there aren't very many good video games set in the 19th century, a time when freedom in America was at its height. Thankfully, there is one that exists which puts the rest to shame: Red Dead Redemption. There is so much about Red Dead Redemption that makes it a fantastic game to play this July 4th. You can ride your horse in uncharted territory, shoot a few bandits, play a round of poker, and hunt prey all before heading back to the farm for dinner. It's just another day for John Marston.

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#9. Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever isn't exactly the greatest game on this list, but it more than qualifies as a quality pick for Independence Day celebration. Duke smokes a cigar while going around man-handling aliens. Yes, he might appear to be addicted to steroids, but who cares? He can arm wrestle a Polar Bear into tears. Calm any under circumstance; everyone knows that if you mess with Duke you'll never get away with it. The same can be said of America.

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#10. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is the only game on this list to celebrate freedom this week with free Independence Day downloadable content. You can ride around on a star spangled motorcycle, or crush Japanese cars in a massive monster truck while waving an American flag. You can then celebrate the momentous occasion with some fireworks while wearing red, white, and blue. God bless America.

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Tell us how you will be celebrating the Independence day of the US in the comments below. Happy Independence Day!

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