Why you will prefer to move to US if you get chance?

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Why you will prefer to move to US if you get chance?

India is a land of culture and tradition. With recent advancement of technology, it has also achieved to retain a tag of being an advanced country. But few loopholes still exists in the country. Maybe that is the reason some people prefer to move to the United States given a chance. United States Of America or simply called U.S is already a developed country that has a huge manpower and an incredibly good amount or resources. During the past few years, several things in the U.S have contributed a lot to the global economy. Considering these facts many of the Indian citizens are traveling abroad to pursue a career and to get settled in the U.S, considering the lesser opportunities they are fetching from India.

People often get into the dilemma of whether to settle in U.S or return back to India after a brief visit. Most of the population prefers to stay back. There are even some people who are living in India and are planning to settle abroad. What are the major factors driving these people to take decisions to settle in U.S? Provided the ample opportunities India is offering, certain people still prefer living in U.S even though the price of life is high. Let us summarize major factors.

SPACIOUS - Compared to India, U.S is far more spacious considering the dense population of India. Countries like china are even more populated than India but the order of population in India is way too bad. U.S is considered to be having a glorious space with a bit of land, greenery, few neighbors and tall buildings. Off course, U.S even has crowded places in its list but even the crowded area seems to be much more planned as compared to India. India has a continuous growth of population that is beyond control and not well managed. The buildings and the roads in India are less developed making the crowd out of control at times. Thus, people always prefer to migrate abroad given a chance.

FREEDOM - U.S has a freedom structure that is far better than India. People don’t have to consult their bosses before making an opinion in the office. Magazines, newspapers are not politically influenced or biased as in the case of India. The government never forces the print media to clarify or point out topics regarding political issues. Even there is less bullying done in schools and colleges, also in the workplace as compared to India. Men in uniforms won't threaten and disrespect common man if someone breaks small rules in a country like U.S. These factors contribute a lot when people think of relocating. They feel more secure of portraying their views in different aspects and are always ready to relocate.

EDUCATION - The education system in the U.S is more organized and disciplined as compared to India. No doubt there are a number of schools in India having recognition of being world famous but still, schools in U.S are more knowledge driven. Colleges and schools in India depend on grades. Most people acquire grades even by copying in exams, but talent does not get its true stature in India. Whereas in U.S, the education system focuses on knowledge and talent of individuals. They rely more on the creative part of the students rather than the academic parts. Thus there is an enormous scope for growing through creativity.

WORK CULTURE - U.S has extremely flexible work culture as compared to India. In India, people are bound to work long hours irrespective of the usual work timing. At times there is a severe pressure that one has to incur if he/she doesn’t work accordingly. Thus there is less productivity as employees have less time to relax and be creative. U.S has a work culture that is well managed and there is a fixed time of 6 hours to work in a day. Severe actions are undertaken against people who violate or increase work timings. This, in fact, increases productivity as people have more visions and are happy to serve their companies. Often companies hire graduates at better packages and rely on their productivity rather than grades. Unlike in India, the companies rely high on the grade factor upon.

INFRASTRUCTURE - U.S possess an excellent infrastructure as compared to India. The street lights and the machines installed at different public places actually work and they work fine. Electricity is not of a great deal and there are hardly any power cuts during summers. Maintaining such a huge country with so many people is quite a hectic task. But U.S has succeeded in maintaining the class of infrastructure. Thus people live a hassle free life when they use the various public vehicles or machines as they work as per expectation and have high maintenance as compared to India where maintenance is too low. This makes a lot of people to consider U.S to be a better place than India.

WEALTH - In terms of capital resource U.S is categorized as a wealthy country. People are engaged in cashless transactions. One of the largest and influential countries of the stock exchange, U.S has reliable infrastructure along with the better economy as compared to India. Due to these factors, there is an increase in opportunities for investing or reinvestment along with the invention of certain things.

CLEAN - When it comes to cleanliness, U.S tops the list in being one of the clean countries. People are civilized and use resources carefully. This makes a habit of using things carefully without damaging the environment. Trees are planted, roads are kept clean and rivers are not polluted. The government takes actions if anyone tries to pollute or damage the public properties. Thus making the system clean and easily accessible.

No doubt we Indians always prefer moving abroad given a chance. Considering the above-said facts, U.S does have the potential for which every year many people relocate there. But still, India being one of the fastest developing countries in the world, has a lot to offer. It purely depends on what an individual thinks and what are the requirements.

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