What are the different modes of advertising?

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What are the different modes of advertising?

Advertising has progressed as a form of communication with more complexity, focus, and accuracy in order to improve your clientele for growing your business. Any kind of business requires advertising to help grow the business, the only difference being the mode of advertising. Small businessmen also advertise their product or any kind of service through traditional media such as pamphlets, newspaper and to newer methods of advertising which includes advertising through SMS to mobile phones, online advertising, etc. Nowadays, there are many advertising agencies available who are meant to advertise your business or product. People who are managing a big business hire the advertising agency and pay a huge amount for advertising.

In a modern world, with advancement in technology, there are many choices for an advertiser for advertising using any of the following modes that range from traditional advertising methods to a new method of advertising:

• Online Advertising: All the advertisement that is seen on the internet are part of online advertising. Every web page has advertisements displayed in the form of columns or pop-ups. There are websites wherein one can also post their advertisement, this method is most often used in today’s world. There are advertising programs available in the social networking sites such as facebook, LinkedIn.

• Print Advertising: Any advertisement which is printed on any kind of paper, such as newspaper, magazines, newsletters, journals, booklets, pamphlets, flyers, direct mail or any portable medium of published advertisement that comes under the umbrella of print advertising. With the help of print advertising, one can focus and target the specific localities or geographical neighborhoods that can act as their potential customers in future. Another opportunity that an advertiser can use is adding a kind of incentives such as coupons or discount to attract more customers.

• Broadcast Advertising: All the advertisements that are broadcasted on television and radio are examples of broadcast advertising. One can reach a large number of customers with the use of broadcast advertising. For radio advertising, creating a catchy tagline or jingle will add more weight to your advertisement. Another option for broadcast advertising is through television, which is a costlier method for advertising. However, television advertisement is most effective to attract the consumers and can reach a larger number of populations.

• Public Speaking: The person who is an expert in the product which is to be advertised, can also advertisement his product through public speaking. Any kind of conference, workshops, lectures, meetings or exhibition is an ideal location for public speaking and advertising the product or service. One can distribute their business cards and promotional pamphlets or any material to distribute among the participants in order to spread the word about the services you offer.

• Door Hangers and Flyers: This type of advertising is possible to advertise your product in the local area. One can place the flyers in the mailboxes or hang the ads on the doorknobs. Although, this is focused on only neighborhood advertising, but you are ensured that your advertisement is seen by the people who can become your customers. The probability of increasing the customers is less, but few of them might add to your customer list to add on to your investment for another marketing campaign.

• Event Sponsorship: If your budget for advertising is high but television advertising is not possible, one can go for event sponsorship. You can sponsor an event and advertise your product in the event. You will also receive an acknowledgment for sponsoring the event and many people will notice you and your product, as you will be present on-site. There will your company logo on the posters and all the materials provided to the audience, which is part of advertising your product.

• Cell Phone or Mobile Advertising: This one is new kind of advertising, but has increased popularity very rapidly. The advertisement where cell phones, iPad, Nooks, Kindles and any kind of portable devices with internet are used comes under mobile advertising. Here, there is a major role of social media sites.

• Word-of-Mouth Advertising: This one is a non-traditional method of advertising. In this type, people are hired who advertise your product or service through talking about your product in public place, which can be any place such as coffee shops, shopping malls, etc. This method is useful when all the essential information about your business which your customer should know is simple and easily understood via the talk given by the marketer.

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