What is a superbug?

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What is a superbug?

Super bug is a type of bacteria that has been found to resist the effects of antibiotics and drugs.
Bacteria are microorganisms that affect the host cell and make a change in the conditions. Unlike viruses which are infectious agents and antibiotics having no effect on them, Bacterias can be treated by an antibiotic.

But this Superbug is a specific type of bacteria that do not get killed by repeated use of antibiotics. This makes the organism more sick who is affected by it. A common example is 'E. coli" bacteria.

People who are healthy and have a strong immune system do get affect by Superbugs unless there is a severe infection regarding contact with partners. Mostly people are affected due to large exposure to such environment, patients when the immune system is considerably low. This type of atmosphere is common in hospitals and dispensaries. It is nearly impossible to remove the bacteria from the host's system through physical methods. And considering the tolerance to antibiotics, most organisms succumb to its effect if the immune is not strong. In California, doctors unknowingly used some affected endoscopes to treat patients and the bacteria had spread, making it a serious case.

The Superbugs can be a life-threatening problem in long run. Research says that up to 50% of patients who are sick from CRE had died because of the Superbug. Having a closer look at the environment in which one is being treated can minimize the exposure to Superbug.

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