Ways to heal your child's gut after giving antibiotics.

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Ways to heal your child's gut after giving antibiotics.

Antibiotics, mean "against life".

They are designed to kill harmful bacteria. Antibiotics, not only kill the bad bacteria in our body, but it also destroys the good bacteria in our gut. Good bacteria are known as probiotics. They cannot differentiate, good and bad bacteria in the body. Antibiotics, can damage our immune system. 

Sometimes, taking antibiotics is unavoidable. Antibiotics, can weaken your immune system. Constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating and acidity are some symptoms of bad gut health.

Here is what to do for healing of your gut -

1. Take real food - Stay away from food with added preservatives, additives and trans-fats. Replace them with fresh ingredients. Limit consumption of sugar.

2. Probiotoics - Probiotics are good bacteria. They are needed for our body to promote digestion. Eating fermented products preserve the good bacteria in your gut. Eat home made yogurt to improve your gut health.

3. Prebiotics - Prebiotics are non digestible food ingredients. They promote growth of good bacteria in your system.

4. Eat organic dairy and meat products - Animals, exposed to antibiotics store it in their fat cells.

5. Eat lots of colorful vegetables

6. Hydrate yourself.

7. Make sure your Vitamin D3 levels are sufficient.

8. Get sufficient aerobic exercise.

9. Take a multivitamin daily.

10. Consume Omega-3 supplement.

Healing your gut may take a little time. Happy healing !!

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We should avoid taking antibiotics, but there are times when taking antibiotics are unavoidable. During such situation it is really important to heal your gut naturally after consuming antibiotics. 

Symptoms of Bad Gut Health are mentioned below - 

Irregular bowel movements
Gas or bloating
Heartburn or indigestion
Repeat yeast/candida infections
Feeling generally unwell

If you know that you will be on a course of antibiotics, it’s best to start the following healing protocols as soon as possible.Don’t worry if you can’t do everything right now. Anything you do to promote gut health before, during, and after antibiotic treatment is better than nothing.

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