What causes Green Poop?

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What causes Green Poop?

As bad as the word sounds, pooping is a heavenly process of letting your undigested food pass out from the body. Trust us the feeling is amazing! The time spent in pooping is nothing short of sacred because a person can contemplate his entire future sitting on that pot.

Your poop can be short, long, fat or skinny. The normal poop color varies between yellow and brown, but it can be green or red too. The latter colors denote that you are not well and you need to consult a doctor for treatment.

Your poop can turn green because of multiple reasons. Eating too many high chlorophyll plants, leafy vegetables, a bacterial infection or even intake of antibiotics can change your poop’s color.

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While the color of the poop is not much explored, but a change in the color might indicate some grave concern at times.

Why Is My Poop Green?

Our poop reflects highly on our health conditions. Just like its odor, the form, and the frequency. Its color holds significance too.

While green poop might indicate a good intake of leafy vegetables, it is not always good news.

Green poop can mean a poor digestion. It might signal a problem with your malabsorption caused due to the fast dispensation of your food.

In a healthy system, the liver produces bile juice, which is a green substance stored in the gallbladder. The bladder releases bile to help break down the fatty acids once you consume a meal containing the right amounts of fats. In normal circumstances, the liver produces bile every day. Once released. Bile signals the pancreas which then releases the digestive enzymes for further breaking down of the food. While the digestion takes place, the green bile converts into yellow and eventually brown. (Your poop’s original color)

At times the process functions too fast because of

- Imbalance of flora, the good gut

- Malabsorption

- Diarrhea, or

- Food poisoning

Diarrhea can be the cause of your green poop

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During Diarrhea, the food inside your body might be digesting at an accelerating speed, which is too quick for bile to break it down and when this happens, bile may not be broken down desirably, letting your body release green poop.

Diarrhea can lead to other serious health issues too if it stays for too long.

In babies too, a green stool reflects of digestive distress. An oversupply or hurried let down can cause similar reactions in the body. Sensitivity to certain food products can also lead to your baby pooping green.

Food items like spinach, which are rich in iron supplements, can cause a dark green poop. (Yes, there could be variations in the green)

How Can You Prevent The Green Poop?

#1. Digestion 

To establish a good digestion, make sure you support your liver, bladder and the bile by eating right.

#2. Avoid Snacking

Unhealthy snacking can lead to poor digestion. Consuming vegetables, fruit and protein and no sugars will be a blessing for your stomach.

#4. Sour foods

Consuming sour food items will accelerate the function of bile.

#5. Consume Enough Fats

Do not completely avoid eating fats. Fats are important sources of energy.

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Should You See A Doctor?

If your poop is green for a couple of days, then we suggest you better see an expert. They can perform a stool test to find out the real reasons.

Is your poop green? Let us know in the comment section below.

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