What is an 'Exotic Beauty'?

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What is an 'Exotic Beauty'?

If Aishwarya Rai or Pam Rodriguez, an Indian and a Mexican come in front of us, we would just stare at them in awe. It's their exotic beauty that keeps our eyes fixed on them.  

Whenever we see someone with extraordinary looks, from whom it's difficult to move away our gaze, we call such a person as having exotic beauty. Appreciation of exotic beauty depends on the viewers' eyes. We all have different views related to beauty. Attractive features, an enchanting look and a perfect figure are what that attracts everyone. All these traits when present in a single woman, she is said to possess exotic beauty. Such beauties have a unique look that captures the essence of femininity.

The words 'exotic' is an adjective that means something from another part of the world that attracts us. The criteria of exotic beauty differ from place to place. The Asians appreciate the fair glow though some of them are brown or dark skin. A tanned skin with a slim figure and dark hair and eyes is what that attracts the westerners though most of their women are fair and blond beauties. 

Exotic is as subjective as the word beautiful only that it's more specific. Exotic beauty is visibly present. It's not the shape that attracts but the movement of the women, the objects like handbag she holds, the jewellery she has worn. Sometimes it's the delicate and sleek and simple dress and suits the beauty and attracts everyone as the simplicity brings out glamour and at times from attire to the makeup and jewellery is gorgeous which goes well with the woman's looks and femininity.  

In short,The beauty that attracts whether usual or unusual is exotic.

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To me Exotic Beauty just means they have an exceptional and unique look that makes them stand out, get noticed, and look better than other beauties around. So the unusual beauty is the exotic one.

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