What is the Efficacy of Installing a Fire Fighting Control Panel?

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The firefighting control panel, also known as a fire alarm control panel (FACP), uses the electrical energy to operate to give notification and to control the transmitter. The panel gets information from the instruments designed to detect and detect and notify about the fire. It automatically controls the equipment and sends important information to prepare the workers to handle a fire.


The different types of panels, which are used in the firefighting panels, are:

• Coded Panels

• Conventional Panels

• Addressable Panels

• Multiplex Systems


There are several functions of firefighting control panel. Some of them are:

Class change: It is used to notify the class change in schools. It justified the use of the fire alarm system instead of a separate class bell system. It ensures that students are familiar with the sound of the alarm.

• The system resets: After an alarm condition, the devices are reset automatically. The system reset clears the supervisory conditions.

• Acknowledge: The abbreviation” ACK" is used to indicate an abnormal situation like an alarm or trouble. It prevents the panel from sounding.

• Drill: It is also known as “manual evacuation". The drill functions to operate the systems notification appliances.

• Signal silence- It is also known as “alarm silence" or “audible silence". It stops the notification completely or the audible alarm is put on silent mode. It is used on the cases, where the situation is under complete control.

The main functions of the control panel involve the fire protection, monitor, and control of the system in order to extinguish the fire with the help of gas, powder, aerosol, water etc. The control panel also exchanges data with PC, repeater or any intelligent device. It is very commonly used at heavy duty industrial, residential as well as commercial premises.


• It controls the lines, inputs, and outputs required for fault condition and automatic resetting.

• It also controls the lines for removal of fire detector and assists in automatic resetting.

• It has built-in-clock for astronomic time.

• It has built-in sounder for fire condition and fault condition with the option for switching on/off.

• It has a wide LED show unit, used to show the data on the flame pump framework.

• It functions hassle free and produces less noise and vibration.

• It is fitted with highly advanced sensors and other measuring devices.

In Mumbai, there are many manufacturers who deal with firefighting control panel and provide it at unbeatable market prices. There is a huge demand for such control panels, owing to their uses and benefits. The control panels are made in accordance with the prescribed quality standards and the guidelines, as per the industry norms. All panels are manufactured with raw-material sourced from most authorized vendors in the industry. The firefighting control panels offered by the manufacturers in Mumbai are subject to pass through the stringent quality checks in order to dispatch a flawless delivery. The manufacturers ensure the use of the latest advanced technologies so that the bulk quantities can be manufactured at a lesser price.

Thus, it can be concluded that the firefighting control panels are one of the most sought-after items in the recent times and their demand is sprouting day by day.

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