What is the need for marketing in the tourism industry?

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If you spend any significant amount of time on social media, you’ve likely noticed the same few vacation spots and resorts being talked about. Whether you’ve shown interest in vacationing or none whatsoever, you’re still likely to see advertisements for a big trip. Everyone works hard. Everyone deserves a little “me time” on vacation, and these travel agencies and resorts understand this better than anyone. They want your business. But how do they acquire this business even though they are across the country, or in a different continent altogether? Through an advanced online marketing strategy. In other words, your social media becomes a hub for these companies and hotels. 

Back in 2017, nearly 50 percent of hotels claimed they wanted to spend more on digital marketing. Around 44 percent said they were interested in social media, and that’s just the individual companies. For many countries, tourism is the most substantial chunk of income for the nation. As such, local governments spend billions on tourism marketing to bring people to their country. Such countries include Sierra Leone, Iceland, and South Korea, to name just a few tourism giants.

Let’s explore Sierra Leone. In 2005, Sierra Leone welcomed around 40,000 tourists, according to reports. Then, in 2016, that number rose to 74,400. That is nearly double the number of tourists within just one decade. How did so many newcomers discover Sierra Leone? How many can point to Sierra Leone on the globe? Marketing is how.

Reasons for Tourism Marketing Strategy

Like any other business, tourism thrives on its customer base. Without new or returning customers, there is merely no tourism whatsoever. Entire companies flounder without knowing who their ideal customers are. Here are a few reasons why marketing makes sense for the tourism industry:

Identifying your ideal consumer– First and foremost, your ideal consumer dictates the entire marketing strategy. As an adults-only beachside resort, you want active, childless couples to enjoy the poolside bar and lounge.

Identify your goals – What do you want to achieve from tourism marketing efforts? Setting a short- and long-term goal is a huge part in seeing a return on your marketing investments.

What sets you apart from the competition? – In a world overloaded with hotels and beachside resorts, what makes your offerings unique and appealing? How does Mr. Smith in California know that your resort in Bali is better than the one in Sierra Leone? A keen marketing strategy will highlight the differences and advantages you offer over the competition.

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