What questions do they ask when you check-in at the airport?

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What questions do they ask when you check-in at the airport?

Plane tickets: booked.

Travel budget: sorted.

Itinerary: locked.

Luggage: packed.

Can’t wait to travel?

Ready to onboard your first solo flight journey?

But first read on. A step-by-step guide for all the first time air travellers. 

Get to the airport at least 3 hours in advance of the flight departure time. 

Step 1: Entry at the airport

Once you reach the airport and if you’re flying a domestic airline, you’ll need to present a copy of your e-ticket and a valid photo identity. In case, you’re taking an international trip, you’ll need to present a copy of your e-ticket and your passport.

Once verified, the guard will let you in. Find a trolley and load your luggage.  

Look for the arrival/departure screens and directions. This will lead you to the check in counter. Proceed further with your luggage and documents.

Step 2: Airline counter 

You’ll now need to proceed to the counter of your airline for an issuance of your ticket. You’ll need to “check-in” here which means you submit your documents presented earlier and declare luggage weight (basis permissible limits) and contents. At this counter, you can request for a seat [aisle/window/centre] of your preference or you can even do a web check-in and block a seat of your choice. On confirmation, you’ll be handed a boarding pass with flight and seat details.

Possible questions asked at this counter:

- Are you carrying any liquids/medications in hand luggage?

- Do you have any check-in luggage?

- Do you have any hand luggage?

Hand luggage: 2 small items each with dimensions and weight (as per carrier’s allowance) is permissible. This is entirely at the risk of the owner.

Check-in luggage: Again, check-in luggage up to permissible dimension and weight can be checked in. Additional weight can be carried basis carrier’s charges.

Step 3: Customs/Immigration 

Once you complete the check-in process and if you are taking a domestic flight, you’ll need to proceed for a security check. In case you’re taking an international flight, you will need to fill an immigration form and proceed to the immigration check. The form will ask for basic details like name, address, flight details, etc. Once you fill the form, you’ll need to proceed to get your identity verified once again at the immigration. On verification, your passport will be stamped.

Possible questions asked at this counter:

- What’s your name?

- Where are you travelling to?

Step 4: Security check 

On immigration clearance, you’ll need to head for a security check. You and your hand baggage will be scanned thoroughly. For hand luggage, usually any containers of liquids in excess of 100 ml and water bottles are not allowed. You will be asked to remove your shoes and place them separately on the security scanner belt along with your hand luggage in a tray. You’ll also be asked to issue your passport/identity card for a check.   

    Possible questions asked at this counter:

    - What’s your name?

    - Where are you travelling to?

    - What are the contents of your luggage? 

The waiting time for all the procedures entirely depends on the passengers in front of you in the queues across all sections, so it's best to arrive as early as possible.

All the formalities are through. Wait for the announcement to board the flight. There are screens placed in the terminal/waiting area to indicate which gate your flight departs from, and whether that gate is open for boarding, keep an eye on these indicators. Once they call you, go to the gate for boarding. The boarding gate and flight departure time is given by every airline and also printed on the boarding pass. Boarding gates usually shut 30 - 40 mins prior to departure time. Do reach the airport well in advance to ensure timely completion of all procedures. 

Once you enter the aircraft, showcase your boarding pass to the staff and they will direct you to the seating area. Unload your hand baggage and fasten up your seat belts.

Sounds easy? Now you’re ready to be airborne. Bon voyage! 

How did you feel when you travelled in an airplane for the first time? Were you nervous or were you well-aware of the procedures? What was your experience? Do share your interesting stories in the comments section.

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