What should I do?

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Here's something I have been wanting to take it out from my chest. Iam so caught up and stuck I don't know what to do? My story begins by being in a relationship with someone from university. We had ups and down and we used to reconcile our matter. Time passed and we wanted to get married but my parents didn't allow. I asked him to break up with me. We broke up but he used to threaten me to marry him. Everything got sour between me and him. I started hating him and vice versa. After few months another guy approached me and I started to like him. I spoke about marriage to him and he said to wait for few months before taking any decision. I never had been phyiscal with any guy before. With this guy within few months he began to kiss me. I took it lightly because we both were looking forward to discuss about marriage. As months passed by we got physically closer. Then he gave me the biggest shock of my life that he is married and tired of his wife. We broke up. I had to go through tough times and I realised I could not stay without him. We went on and off. He spoke about leaving his wife to his parents but his parents refused and then we broke up for good. After a month he calls and tells me he can't live without me. I melted because i was facing the same thing. I tried staying away from him. I tried finishing contacts but couldn't succeed in it. After 2 years he tells me before his sex with his wife was so bad. Now she is the one initiating it. She is seducing him a lot and he's enjoying sex with her. It hurts me even more because I still waited for him. Now the guy who had been in a relationship with me previously sent proposals to me many times and is still asking for my hand. Please note that I didn't have any contact with him all this time. Iam so lost I don't know what to do. Please advice me. I feel lifeless...?

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