What should I do to get someone to notice my feelings for them?

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I am one of the most romantically dead people out there, so I was surprised when I found myself falling for a friend.These feelings only started showing during a trip we had along with some other friends.

He's a huge dork. I can't express this more. He says things that make my heart flutter without a second thought, and it's so infuriating because I know he means it only as a friend. He'd offer to share an umbrella in the rain with me even though it was only a drizzle. At the same time, he's so fucking dense. He'd offer me his jacket when I'd joke about how chilly it was. He'd offer me his jacket when I'd joke about how chilly it was. But at the same time, he's so fucking dense. After we went on a ride, I supported him while he staggered around, and he didn't even notice how flustered the contact with him made me. Hell, I even fell asleep on his shoulder and he casually tosses around phrases like "You looked cute" and "It was a pleasant experience" at me.

I might've confessed to him by now, but I know that he doesn't share the same feelings and possibly still harbors feelings towards someone else right now. A little bit before I met him, he was rejected by one of his friends, and even though he says he's over her now, it's pretty obvious that he's not. He frequently brings her up in random conversations, and I can't help but feel extremely jealous.

Is there a way I can help him get over his feelings while also try to be more than a friend at the same time? I'm at my wits end as for what to do.

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