What to do when you have No Idea What To Do with your Life?

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What to do when you have No Idea What To Do with your Life?

A purpose is the reason why you do something as you need to justify what you are doing because most people believe that one’s actions should be guided either by a motive which serves him/her well and those around him/ her well or that you must do something in your life which keeps you satisfied and happy. It is a difficult philosophy to implement and live by as our emotions don’t stay the same as sometimes we grow out of things which made us happy in the past or enjoy something which we thought we can never enjoy.

It’s okay to have no idea what you are doing with your life or what you will do with your life but as you go further along in life you would want to choose something that you prefer more than others. This is the case with most people who tie themselves to work and do not mind doing the same thing day in and day out as they make up their mind after heeding the ultimate lesson of life that both success and failure are not permanent. It can even lead to negative thoughts as one can be disappointed that nothing is permanent and sink into the quicksand of sadness which is harmful to anyone and everyone holding onto thoughts such as why try when I won’t get it to last forever. We bring you tips so that you know what you want to do with your life and do not mistake not having a plan as something really bad.

Tips On What To Do When You Have No Idea What To Do With Your Life

#1. Keep a Journal

The best way to know yourself is to write down your thoughts and learn how things make you feel. Our instincts almost never lie so if something makes you happy then it appeals to your nature and if something doesn’t then it doesn’t appeal to your nature. You don’t have to worry about how your writing will seem to others as your journal is private and only you can access it. You must write how a particular family member makes you feel and should you support your family first or chase your lifelong dream of having a career which may not bring money immediately like a job will but can be very lucrative in the long run. You can even write all the sacrifices they have made for you and the actions from which you can easily make out that they love you or not. When you list all the thoughts which consume you will be able to pick the ones which you value more than others and make efforts in the right direction.

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#2. Ask Yourself the Right Questions

It is very important that you ask yourself the right questions as you won’t be able to get the right answers which are really important in knowing what you want to do with your life. It is important that you distance yourself from making long-winded theories on how to attain peace and prosperity in life and ask yourself simple questions so that you can lead a life of purpose and an uncomplicated life. You have to ask yourself ‘What are the things that make me proud? And ‘When Have You Been The Happiest’? This will set you on the road to discovering your true calling and you will not keep on having the faith crisis which convinces you that there is nothing in this world you can be happy about and we are all really broken and just pretend that we are not.

#3. Picture Yourself In The Future

Picture yourself that you are 80 years old and have lived a fulfilled life, now what is that you are mulling over that is putting a smile on your face? This technique of backward planning is effective in helping you come up with answers to your current problems because when you imagine yourself you are old you will automatically sense that the things which are currently hyped won’t be as valuable then and the only things which will matter when you are old are the ones you really cared for so this will help you in understanding what is it that you really care for.

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#4. Learn More about People Who inspire you

If you are inspired by someone then it means that you are drawn to not just what they do but how they are as well and this will tell you more about yourself and help you chart out a course which you want to pursue and become something you are proud of. It could be a pilot who overcame financial adversity to become a pilot or it could be that you are inspired by an invention in the field of biotechnology which has revolutionized the industry. The more you learn about your role models the easier it will be for you to get an idea about what to do with your life.

#5. Experiment

It is impossible to be an expert in everything no matter how many writers come up with the concept of men and women who exceed expectations and can do everything themselves without breaking a sweat but you can try out everything if you really put in the time and energy to make a plan and then implement it. You can try out every activity under the sun from skateboarding to cinematography. We say this because sooner or later you will start making money as you cannot live off someone forever and would need to work for money so the more you experiment it will be easier for you to know what makes you happy and then you can plan how you can incorporate this in your plan so that whenever your job or responsibilities get to you so that you have an outlet for your stress and frustration and never confuse your boredom with sadness. Testing the waters with different activities will reveal a lot about your personality and never let the doubt seep in which makes you question the thing you are doing in your life.

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#6. Don’t Plan Too Much

This is a healthy piece of advice as for when we plan too much we tend to shrink from what we are doing and start thinking that our efforts are of no value at all. You must always focus on the next year and the one you spent before the current and draw a lesson from only those experiences so that you don’t circle around thoughts that think you are pointless and what you are doing has been done before so if you do it, it won’t make much of a difference. Staying in the present is one of the key elements in feeling that you have a purpose in life and is important in enjoying what you are doing.

#7. Volunteer

Sometimes it does one good when they accept that they are yet to pledge themselves wholeheartedly to a cause so if you take part in volunteer work which may involve helping the poor or some construction work for which you won’t get paid. This will make you more humble in your pursuit and protect you from the wrong idea that media has perpetrated that only celebrities are people whose life is worth living as they have found their purpose and are excelling at it. Anybody can complete a task so you must not hype any person so much so that you completely lose yourself while comparing what they do and harbor resentment over not doing it in the same fashion.

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#8. Understand that changing your mind is not changing your Purpose

It is often the case with us that we feel our purpose has changed when we change your approach towards a thing. It could be that you are an engineer and have worked as one in an organization for two years consulting and building things yet somehow you are asked to do other work than what you doing. This can set you off if you act out of attachment towards your job but you can handle it well by accepting that chain of command of the organization and seeing the positive aspect of the new work assigned to you. If you think in absolutes that I was only hired to build bridges and now are asked to work on another project then you must say to yourself that I was doing that well and I sure can do this well. All our final decisions are made in a state of mind that is not going to last so you must not fret about change too much and pay heed to that fact that your ultimate purpose in life is to handle things which come your way in an amicable and calm manner without being angry and bitter over why it came my why and what that didn’t.

Tell us what you did when you had no idea what you wanted to do with your life. Drop comments in the comments section below.

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