When Is the Use of Military Force Justified?

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In which situation the use of Military Force power become necessary or Justified?

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The military force use can never be justified but if we look at the rumpled situation this world has come in, we can consider that at times it is unavoidable to use it. Before responding this question and contending for when specifically military force is excused, it’s important to consider what constitutes “military force.”  It is when a country’s military, also known as its armed forces, has a no different option but to use deadly force and weapons to hold the interest of the state and of its inhabitants – its main function. This means casting fire on the opposition, dropping bombs from planes, detonating nuclear warheads, even resorting to biological warfare.
So, when is military force justified?
When there is an approaching menace to one’s borders. If a country is on the brink of being attacked, it has the right to use military force. When a country’s civilians are on the verge of being massacred, the country as a mass should be able to resort to military force. It comes down to protecting one’s way of life, not lying down and dying. Striving for one’s frontiers, liberty, security, and peace is surely one reason to use violence and weaponry as a means of order, though it does sound like a contradiction.
Also, it is justified when a more powerful and wealthier country or group of countries threaten to attack a less strong country.
We can see a number of examples where a country used its forces in order to defend itself from the danger. For example, in 2014, the judgment of President Obama to seek Congressional authorization to resist Syria was justified because Syrian Air Force in their civil war used sarin gas and chemical weapons on their own people. The use of those weapons created thousands of civilian injuries, deaths and the displacement of many more people. However, the use of military force creates some unfavourable outcomes. It often drives to a continued armed conflict that worsens an already unstable situation. Armed conflicts rarely reach a desirable goal; only a political strategy does. Taking up arms for whatever the cause creates human tragedy, loss of materials and lives. War is costly. Since both sides cause fatalities on each other, winning actually becomes useless.
The justification for the practice of force does not make fighting a war an exemplary way for resolving complicated world or private issues. Rather, it increases them. A political answer is always the best option to consider because it serves to a great degree the hopes of both warring parties. In opposition, the offenders do not seek any justification for their use of military force, as long as their aggressiveness meets their objectives. Nonetheless, in the deficiency of a warning or an invasion, there would be no use of military force and no slaughter.

The use of military force is justified when things go out of control and the poor President is unable to deal with it himself. 

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