Who is Barbie? What is the history of barbie doll?

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Do you know who is barbie when it's story is started, what is the history behind it?


Barbie is basically a fashion doll that was manufactured by Mattel Inc and it was launched in March 1959. These dolls are the representation of various versions of fashion models and fashionista in the society. They were not the regular dolls that wore the dresses with the frills and the white shoes with curly hair that was the kind of dolls that were there before. They are the dolls that were the trendy clothing and have straight sleek hair, they look like the fashion forward women it the society and those women who are always dressed in their best clothing. As time changed the kind of clothing people wore changed and the lifestyles of people also changed. These dolls were made keeping in mind the new age women and the kind of preferences the girls in the new age will have. They will definitely love these dolls that look as pretty as the new age girls.

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