Why India could not perform better in Olympics?

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Indian performance in Olympics is always a cause for concern. The Rio Olympics were no different and India could win only two medals. Both these were won by women players with one being a silver and other a bronze.

Below we analyze some of the reasons as to why India does perform to its optimum ability in Olympics.

1. No Sports Culture

The lack of sports culture in our homes and society at large is one of the biggest reason why sports is not promoted at the nascent stage itself.

2. Poverty

Most of the successful players have risen from modest environment. It is not however possible always and most of the time talented players do not get this opportunity to rise above these problems and the talent gets restricted to local level sporting events only.

3. Favoritism

Favoritism is also a big problem in Indian sporting industry. Many times less talented players are able to move ahead in selection process for the reason that they have someone to fall back on during the selection process.

4. Less attention to key sports

In India, Cricket has always been a favorite sporting event, even though it does not find a place in Olympics. If ample attention is paid like cricket to all other sports, the scenario in sporting world would never be dismal.

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