Why is it Important to be a Good Listener?

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Why is it Important to be a Good Listener?

Effective communication can make you an effective leader and success can come much easier. Communication is significant to build resilience and it also maintains balance in different aspect of your life. Communication is the base of almost everything in life. In order to make someone else understand you, it is very important to be a confident and efficient communicator. There will be fewer chances of misunderstanding if there is a clear and crisp communication. However, in order to become an effective communicator, you need to be an effective and good listener. Many situations come in the daily life which needs communication; otherwise, they can become extremely complicated.

If you are not a good listener, you won’t be able to understand the point of view of another person. There are very few situations when you can consider just talking from your end. However, most situations require effective listening skills. We really need to understand the importance of listening at a broader level. Most of the people generally avoid the skill of listening. Though, communication is never complete process without being a good listener and alone being a good speaker. You may be very good in portraying your thoughts effectively, however, if you are not good at understanding other’s point of view it will never be considered effective communication.

Who Is A Good Listener?

Usually speaking is considered an active process and listening is claimed to be a passive process. Listening, however, is also an active process undoubtedly. It just does not mean sitting in front of someone and staring at their eyes. In order to understand someone better, you need to diagnose their thoughts and words. You always need to show genuine concern for the people whom you are listening to in order to understand efficiently. The interest of the process of listening should be visible in your words as well as actions. In order to understand someone when you are listening, you need to show efforts to make them realize that you are listening. For instance, you can say “I see,” “I understand” or “go on” as some neutral expressions. Probably nodding your head will work in some scenarios. Of course, in the case of disagreement, you do not have to do that necessarily. However, if situations demand, then it can be an appropriate approach. Keep your focus on the conversation and ask questions in between if you are facing problem in understanding that person’s perspective. Asking question will not only improve your listening habits but also make the other person realize that they are being carefully heard. It encourages people to justify their behavior and sentences which makes better and clear sense. Fortunately most of us have the skill of speaking; however, most of us do not consider the skill of listening to that much. Now is the time you demolish the old stereotypes and follow the new trend of communication which gives the power to the skill of listening.

It Is Important To Be A Good Listener. But Why?

Expressing ourselves is just the half of the process of communication as we have discussed above. Being able to listen efficiently will make you see through their perspective very clearly. Good listening leads to a constructive conversation. When you listen, the other person feels that their point of view is being considered. There are so many misunderstandings that happen just because we do not give importance to good listening. The need of making ‘good listening’ as a second nature is certainly important. It is worth possessing the skill of listening to your second nature as you won’t necessarily make a mind of your own. Good listening makes you explore the different perspective of different people. If you stick to this habit, it will be so easier to follow. It is very significant to possess the skill of listening. Want to know why? Let us explore the common reasons:

#1. It Helps You Gain Maturity And Show Respect

The skill of speaking is immensely important, indeed! But that does not make the skill of listening less important. The circle only gets complete only when you learn the skill of listening effectively. The skill of listening comes with experience and maturity. Therefore, if you listen to people properly it depicts that you are mature and have experience in the process of communication. Also, when you attentively listen to others, it shows that you respect them. There is a gesture of chivalry and respect when you have involved yourself in listening to the other party. If you will continually interrupt and question unnecessarily, it will never end up being a productive and meaningful conversation. For an enlightening and respectful experience, it is worth listening.

#2. It Enhances Your Communication Skills 

Good listening is an essential part of good communication. The term communication literally means to portray your perspective with an understanding of others point of view. That can only take place when the process of communication is followed completely. Listening helps you to understand the point of view of the person speaking very effectively. The key to good conversation depends upon how good a listener you are. More than half of the conversations are killed just because people do not gather the patience to listen to others. The only thing people focus on is just speaking their thoughts out. If somebody actually wants to reach to a satisfactory position in a conversation, one needs to become a good listener first.

#3. The Skill Of Listening Has Great Healing Power

Most of the people come to a confidante, friend or family member when they have some problem in life. Almost all of us have faced such situations in front of us which require immense patience and great listening skills to handle these sort of situations efficiently. Whenever someone is hurt or frustrated, the skill to listen to them carefully can make you feature in their comfortable space. They rely on you to heal if you can provide them with the kind of trust they require. By listening to whatever they feel makes people feel emotionally poured out. Even if you have nothing to do with their situation, you can provide them the help they can not find anywhere else. A great listener is always capable of proving the emotional support and possess a healing power.

#4. Good Listening Builds And Resolves Relationships

Any relationship, whether it is with your family, friends or at work, it depends on how well you communicate with each other. If by any chance, some problem occurs in any of your relationships, it can be most of the times be restored by listening to them properly. Most of the problems can be only solved if you make the efforts to listen to the viewpoint of the other person. Only being stuck to your perspective will never be able to help your relationship. Good conversations and communication is the foundation of any relationship. Therefore, if you can become an active listener it can save many of your relationships. Better communication leads to better friendship and relationship.

#5. Listening Skills Are A Powerful Tool In Career Enhancement

Your success career depends upon how good you are with words of course. However, it also depends upon how good you are at grasping your the opinion and viewpoint of the colleagues or bosses. An improved skill of listening works best in the office. At the workplace, most of the people are trying to present their point of views. If you demonstrate your point of views by evaluating others perspective as well, you will go a long way in your career. The ladder of success goes through good conversations and building great relationships with clients, colleagues, and bosses. In order to build those relationships, you need to listen to them to answer them back in their own way. By portraying great skills of listening you can establish a confident image at your workplace.

#6. Better Listening Leads To Personal Development

Listening can be very helpful and effective in your day to day life as well. To grow as a person, you need to grasp whatever you listen and then evaluate what is good to take and what is not. If a good listener comes across an intelligent and wise person, they take good from them. Similarly, if they come across a fool, they can judge by listening to them that there is nothing in them to practice in your own life. A good listener can easily empathize with people as they understand better. The good skills of listening lead to better and meaningful relationships with less frustration in life.

Listening skills are extremely important in your personal growth as well as career development. For better and fruitful conversation and interactions, the skill of listening is significant. It is always easier for a good listener to know and understand people better as they invest more time in listening than just speaking their mind. Let us know what you think about this in the comment section below.

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