Why you should Teach your Child some Basic Manners?

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Why you should Teach your Child some Basic Manners?

We never really realize that we have been rude to someone till someone else talks rudely to us! As funny as it may be, that's the bitter truth of manners and etiquettes. 

However, all of us can make this world a better place by showing basic respect to other people. And for people to inculcate these values in an individual, it is essential that the proceedings happen at a young age.

We know how impressionable a child's brain is. And perhaps, childhood is the best stage to teach a kid the values of love and respect. It is crucial to start early; here's why:

#1. Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Showing manners is not a trend or style that might/might not be of any use tomorrow. Everyone wants to be surrounded by well-mannered people because they're pleasant and nice.

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#2. Shows Gratitude

If you're courteous to people, it sends a message that you respect them. We all can be respectful of others and show our gratitude towards them. After all, this is how the society will become a better place.

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#3. Uniqueness

With 'trends' starting to flow in and most people taking pride in being 'rebels,' you can go a long way if you're well-mannered. Needless to say, you'll stand out in the crowd and that is a good thing.

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#4. People Can Give You Money But Not Their Time

In today’s scenario, people do not have time for anything, that’s why it is necessary to do the needful and make a wonderful impression as quickly as possible. Teaching your kids good manners will make them a champion in making the lasting image right from the very beginning.

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#5. Your Child Is The Reflection of You

The way your child speaks, their tone, choice of words, everything is the reflection of you and your family background, and we are sure that you don’t want to make you and your family look bad, do you?

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#6. This Will Help Them

There comes a time in everyone's life when they seek help. Your child will not be an exception to this. If your child has been good to others, then people would be surely willing to help him in times of need.Image result for courtesy

#7. Passing The Baton

One day, your kids will be parents and will impart values to them. So, it is extremely crucial that you make sure your child has the best possible upbringing because you're not bringing up one kid, rather two different generations.

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#8. Manners Show Respect

If your child is speaking to anyone politely, showing nice gestures, giving a respectable smile, then, people naturally will be more than happy and delighted to be a part of your child's company.

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#9. Appreciate Others

By using politeness and basic etiquettes, your child will know how to respect and appreciate things. Once they learn manners, they might even appreciate you and your parenting!

So raising kids and teaching them basic manners and etiquette can be very helpful. This makes you child turn out to be kind, polite, humble and everyone's favorite.

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Kids should be taught manners. It the most basic thing to excel in life. It suggests how a person has been nurtured during their childhood. A person must have the basic courtesy to greet people and treat them nicely. It helps them to make a difference in the society. They will be loved by people around them. Lack of manners doesn’t work for a longer period of time. Thus, one must be taught manner in their early years.

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