What Is The World Doing On This World Environment Day

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What Is The World Doing On This World Environment Day

This day isn’t just a day to read about the problems affecting nature; it is all about action and getting off your chair to help preserve nature. As the entire world celebrates the World Environment Day, it makes one retrospect, if this day is really about celebrations anyway? Perhaps, the call should be of action rather than celebration.

With the United States pulling out of the iconic Paris Climate Agreement a few days before the World Environment Day, one thing that arises is that the wheel of nature is spinning in the wrong direction. When the US President Donald Trump termed climate change as a mere ‘hoax’, he embodied the collective negligence of people towards nature across the world. One thing that almost all of us cannot run away is the fact that we have all been guilty of spoiling the environment in our ways. 

However, as they say, it is never too late; and perhaps this June 5th could string a change in the collective psyche of the world and make people more responsible and aware towards their role in the conservation of nature. Everyone has a part to play after all. Nonetheless, people are trying to do their bit for nature and here is what the whole world has been doing on this World Environment Day:

140 Characters For The Mother

What has become a trend these days, continued on this day as well, as many people took to Twitter to try and educate the world about their role in ensuring the well-being of nature. Here are the top tweets that educate us to conserve environment:

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

Google also came up with a doodle to highlight the importance of conservation and betterment of the environment.

(Image Courtesy: Google)

What Is Your Country Doing?

India: After the US had pulled out of the Paris accord, India emerged as a major player in taking the baton of climate and environment forward. And, Indians have not been behind in putting in efforts to take a step forward in the betterment of nature. For instance, Student’s Federation of India (SFI) will plant 5 lakh saplings in educational institutions across the state of Kerala. Apart from that, nearly 2,000 volunteers came together to remove more than 160 tons of filth across the Versova beach in Maharashtra.

(Image Courtesy: India Today)

Canada: It is the host nation of the United Nations’ (UN) official celebration of World Environment Day with the theme of “Connecting People to Nature”. This would urge the people on going out and spending some time in the wild, and highlight the importance of people’s integration with nature.

(Image Courtesy: TD.com)

United States of America: Trump might have pulled out of the Paris Agreement, but that hasn’t stopped the citizens of the United States of America to plant trees across the country. Many artists have also held exhibitions in support of nature, highlighting how important its preservation is. In Tijuana, volunteers from both sides of the US-Mexico border are teaming up to clean the city beach in a show of solidarity in the face of a common environmental threat.

(Image Courtesy: cnn.com)

What Can You Do?

Surely, the entire world recognizes the importance of protecting the environment. With people across the world doing their bit to help preserve nature, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to do their part to support the cause. This day, get down to local parks and not just look at the views but get involved in them. That means not just looking at a lake but whipping off your clothes and jumping in.

Share photographs on social media with the #worldenvironmentday to spread as much awareness as possible. You can also connect with nature in the city, where major parks can be a green lung and a hub of biodiversity.

Why not do your bit to green the urban environment, by greening your street or a derelict site, or planting a window box? It, after all, is about taking that one little step that could push towards a bigger collective motive. If you want to know more on what a better environment can do for you, here is a video by the United Nations (UN) that explains what nature can do for us if we preserve it responsibly. Happy World Environment Day!

(Video: YouTube)

(Featured Image Courtesy: Cross Light)

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