Would Varun Dhawan's Judwaa 2 be able to beat Salman's original Judwaa?

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Would Varun Dhawan's Judwaa 2 be able to beat Salman's original Judwaa?

For me, Salman Khan's Judwaa was quite an amazing movie of the 90s, well given the fact the kind of movies that were coming out of Bollywood back then! Be it Salman's fun double role, or the Shakti Kapoor & Anupam Kher's antics as extras, or the really crazy Anu Malik songs.

Being a 90s kid, I cannot help but control myself from stomping my feet to 'Chalti hai kya 9 se 12' or 'lift teri bandh hai'... trashy, but that's what 90s were all about, right?

Frankly, I don't have high expectations from Varun Dhawan's Judwaa 2. He takes Salman's over-the-top acting to a notch much higher, which I found a bit cringe-worthy. And yes, just remixing the same songs as well. It's just same-old same-old!!

I would like to get some more opinions on it... Do you feel Varun Dhawan's Judwaa 2 will be able to beat Salman's original version? Do you think Varun Dhawan can create same feel as Salman?

Would you vote for Varun's Judwaa or Salman's Judwaa?

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None Of the Above

In my opinion, the two movies have their own individual essence. The movie is made as a sequel to the movie released in 1997 Judwaa. In this, the protagonist Salman Khan played a dual-role, while in the sequel, the actor VarunDhawan plays the cheesy character. They both have distinguished acting skills. It would be really unfair to compare a veteran to an amateur. So, it’s better to watch this movie with a fresh perspective and minimal prejudice to avoid any comparison. 

Salman's Judwaa
The evergreen classic film by Salman is just the best. However, we can expect some conventional picturization in Varun's Judwaa. 
Salman's Judwaa

No body can beat Salman's performance in the movie, but Varun is David Dhawan's son; there might be some surprises.


the trailer for Varun Dhawan's movie looks promising so before deciding i would like to see the movie  and then make the comparison. However, Salman's Judwaa is a classic movie. lets see how its remake does on the box office. 

Salman's Judwaa

I don't think Judwaa 2 is going to be anywhere near being as good as Salma's original. I'm not having high expectations from this movie. 

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