How to Stay Productive at Work?

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How to Stay Productive at Work?

You sit at your desk, start your computer and swear to be productive today, right? Well, everyone does that! But what happens next is again something very familiar. More than half of the time passes away, and later you realize how wasteful the day went. 

So is it challenging to focus on work instead of distractions? How can we stop ourselves from behaving in such an unacceptable manner? How do we not lose our pace and quality? 

Here are ten tips that will help you stay productive at work!

#1. The Physical Shift

Making a substantial change surely helps you in securing the mental shift as well. Until and unless there is space and you have the chance, try and keep moving. Attend a call while in another room. Take your tea break, not at the desk. Do not become an object but a free human! You cannot keep working for hours together and expect sheer quality. Energize yourself and let the newer thoughts keep evolving.

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#2. Bye Bye Social Media

Right away free yourself from those cunning disturbances. Switch off the notifications from your phone and not let any irrelevant application hold onto your attention. Don't make it a habit of regularly checking your phone for social media updates (unless that's your job). You might not realize, but that's consuming in a lot of your precious time. If not necessary, keep your phone out of reach, so you don't keep checking on it so often. You can even block such websites from your computer or laptop for further control.

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#3. Hello Headphones

These can be used in two different ways. Either you are a music person, and perform well with melodies on. Else, you find it difficult to focus on subjects due to piddling distractions. In such a case, invest in noise cancellation earphones or earbuds that do not let in any confusions.

#4. Set Deadlines

If you are under no pressure to complete tasks, then self-organize yourself and set deadlines for performing the best. Don't let procrastination affect you but set self-accomplishing goals. This helps you achieve a better state of flow, create urges of emergencies and also bring out your inner perfectionist.

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#5. Maintain To-Do Lists Beforehand

Manage organized To-Do lists while preserving the deadlines. Don't let laziness take over. And don't keep any unfinished tasks, though once a while is understandable but always is an indication of poor performance. Make a list of following day's work and even try to plan the strategies in advance. If there are huge tasks, then break your list into a daily, weekly & monthly structures.

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#6. Getting Stuck? Move On!

The work environment offers you with the opportunities of working on mixed assignments. Things may relate to your particular skill set but may also get you stuck into finding the perfect solution. No worries, ditch whatever you are doing, take a break and start afresh. Still not able to? Move on to other things, because at times, inspiration strikes in later and that's how you can positively go about!

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#7. Browser Extensions

This feature is to be considered without any further doubt. If you are the one working on computers then staying updated with the technology should be your thing. Several productivity increasing browser extensions help you manage time and also enhance your focus. Access those extensions to shoot up your working potency. 

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#8. More Water, Lesser Caffeine

There's a logic behind why coffee or tea does more harm than benefit. It initiates a reaction chain for your brain to temporarily stop producing sleep hormones. But gradually when the impact diminishes, sleep and fatigue hit you with an accession. Try replacing your daily coffee cups with a few more cups of water to stay hydrated and high on energy.

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#9. Inspiration - If You Lack It Then Find One

Working without motivation or inspiration is the worst idea. It not only hampers your productivity but makes you feel like dragging yourself to work for no good reason. Don't get on to a task just because your boss wants you to. Search for a good reason why it needs to be done! If you are inspired and have a purpose to work on a particular thing, it would make you optimistic and even excite you regarding its outcome.

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#10. Get Outside

Don't let yourself be desk-bound but try and get a fresh dose of the natural daylight. It's an effective stress buster. Not only will you stay on track but also get away from the mundane routine to feel the positivity at work.

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Did we miss some crucial ways to stay productive at work? Tell us about it. Share your valuable suggestions with us!

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