11 Ways You Can Make Your Life More Productive Using Social Media

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11 Ways You Can Make Your Life More Productive Using Social Media

The world is hooked on social media! The preferred platform may vary for everyone, but their obsession towards social media remains the same. Facebook has approximately one billion active accounts, and most of them check their feed at least once in a day. Likewise, Twitter has 320 million active members, and Instagram has roughly 400 million users. The usage of social media has bordered on near addiction but this tool can be implemented well and in such a way that it makes your life productive.

Here's how social media is making our lives productive. Look no further.

#1. Great source of networking

Social media is a great way to be in touch with people and know what’s happening in their life. We are not talking about stalking on your exes or keeping an eye on someone. Instead, we are asking you to use the power of networking to boost your business or work. If you are a start-up or small businesses why not start by catching the eye of fellow social media users.

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#2. Get creative

Social media sites have given us a platform where you can showcase your talent and even keep your identity anonymous if you are the shy kind. Facebook for, e.g., has various pages where unknown artists share their portraits and stories that are well liked and admired by other members. You could be one of them.

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#3. Meet your soul tribe

Meeting like-minded people in real life is hard; chances of meeting such people get slimmer if you are an introvert. Social media makes it easier to find and approach such people without shyness getting in the way. You can join groups of your interest to find people with similar interest.

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#4. Perfect for businesses

If you own a business, then social media is a place you need to be. A lot of brands sell their stuff using platforms like Pinterest and Facebook and showcase their stuff to customers through their social media pages.

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#5. Take inspiration

The vast amount of people on social media have a story to share, and if you filter out the nonsensical, then there is a lot of stuff that you can read and get inspired from. From cancer survivors to NGO workers; everyone has a tale of strength and valor that can help you change your life positively.

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#6. Create Awareness

How can you reach millions of people all at once? Simply through social media. In 2014 a young girl who as a baby was abandoned by her mother at Burger King reunited with estranged mom all because of a Facebook post. If you have something that you feel needs to be heard then make use of social media for it.

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#7. Find answers

Platforms such as AskOpinion and Quora are a perfect place to find answers to any burning questions that you have. You can also read questions from other people, and if it’s a subject you are acquainted with, then you can share your valuable suggestions.

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#8. Connect professionally

If you are looking for a change or a suitable opening in your field, then LinkedIn is the place for you. The social media platform lets you easily connect with people in the same profession and not just increases your circle but also helps you to reap benefits.

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#9. Make money

Yes, all this while you were nagged for wasting too much time on social media, but there are those who made a lot of money just doing that. Vloggers like Markiplier and Smosh are earning in millions just making videos of stuff they like.

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#10. Stress Buster

Overdoing anything kills its purpose, and social media is no different. Though if you limit its uses, social media platforms are a great way to reduce stress and take a much-needed break from work.

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#11. Communicate faster

If you are not a fan of talking to people over calls most of the time, then social media is the best way to stay in touch all the while not letting others encroach your personal space.

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How do you use social media and which is your favorite platform? Let us know your views by making use of the comment box below. We look forward to your response. 

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