5 Great Tips for App Store Localization

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5 Great Tips for App Store Localization

Presenting your app in local language has become extremely important to reach the global audience outside of so called native English speaking world. App Store from Apple has a wide presence covering 150 countries worldwide representing more than 40 different languages. This obviously represents a huge global audience that no developer just can ignore. There have been many successful apps in the App store that have addressed this need of presenting their language with localized attributes including the native languages of respective countries. But there are the majority of apps that still lag behind in localizing themselves. vidmate apk download 9apps has several aspects including translation of the app language as per native user, offering country and zone-specific date and time and offering a localized keyboard. All these aspects are directed towards letting the app perfectly adapt to the country, local time and the local language. The localizing app has now become extremely easy with several third-party vendors worldwide.

1 Using local time and measurement units

For managing localization, Apple from the iOS began to provide quite a robust API. With this new API, an array of localizing options can be exercised with great effect. For example, using this API the app developers offer to show time in an array of different languages whether within the app or for the device. The new API also makes it possible to describe energy, length, and mass in several different languages as per your choice.

2 Focus on App Store Optimization

Obviously, so-called adaptation to local attributes is not enough to reach a global audience. There are other crucial factors as well. App Store Optimization or ASO is one of them. The title and description of the app should be adapted to local language and cultural attributes first of all. Secondly, picking the best keywords in any foreign language is very crucial for the sake of enhancing app visibility. ASO and localization actually work hand in hand to make the app reach out to a wider audience.

3 Offer Title, Description, and Keywords in Different Languages

A simple translation of the description may just be enough but not always. Freedom for using culture-specific expression and vocabulary is crucial as this will make it look more local. Your local language adaptation should not be phony, but extremely local culture-specific and contextual. App title needs more care than the description. The title in different languages should mean the same or at least similar to it. Select from an array of keywords and in the end select just one that can be placed within the title to enhance chances of discoverability.

4 Translation

Translation for converting the app content in the local language is often challenging for the developers. Automatic translation always may not serve the purpose, especially in lesser-known languages. And they can really offer a gruesome experience by offering a literal translation. A literal automatic translation can actually make the content lose its real meaning. Accurate translation of content has been a worldwide subject of demand and this cannot be addressed with so-called free and default translation service available across devices. Make sure you use dynamic dictionaries to address all the evolving language and cultural differences.

5 Localized Preview with Video and Screenshots

As for giving your app for a preview, only one language adaptation is permissible. Screenshots are the quickest way to draw user attention and drive Download 9apps and naturally, they deserve your attention for localizing maneuvers. Make sure that the screenshots offered for preview in each locality, display content in a local language and display local time.

While the local has the potential to reach a global stage, the global invariably needs to be local in its attributes and offerings. This has been true in every facet of digital space including mobile apps. More localized and culture-specific approach you would have with your app, better you stand a chance to get global users from diverse countries and cultures.

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