7 Best VPN for Ubuntu & Linux

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7 Best VPN for Ubuntu & Linux

As per today’s scenario, the whole generation is rapidly streaming in the era of technology and the total system base is not in control of the server managers; here individual has their own dignity to surf & access whatever they want, I mean to the maximum of it. But since the beginning of the time of this worldwide internet system, no one has been compromising with the privacy level. Besides the thoughts and limits of privacy has been changed; in terms of fact, it has been developed.

The general privacy of a phone or computer refers that while the user accesses the server, he/she gets secured by various kinds of thefts by the machine’s normal tracings. But the matter of fact is, a person always does believe in the best.

The Virtual Private Network or VPN is an optimized and highly developed technology, which provides the best degree of security. Here the encryption quality and security level is really greater than any technology and that's for sure. VPN also works on tools, optimization. While you are surfing on the internet by using the random public internet connectivity, whatever operating system you are using, your main time need will be the best security for your online activities, accessed addresses and all the ups and downs of that specific time. Operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu are very good for us, but they also don’t guarantee any high time or special security for the users until it doesn't get optimized and developed by the user himself.

And to so, they have to install any new tools, or may create their own private and safe network. Now, the point is, while using any kind of operating system, and accessing the internet throughout the random server, is that would be possible to get the greatest security ever!!!

Here we enlisted 10 best VPN apps for the Linux and Ubuntu OS; now, do focus on the article and try to install those which are suitable for you.


Express VPN- This VPN is recently arrived, which is also certified as the winner app for user security purposes. Besides providing the seamless security, the Express VPN has also the services for better customer support which will concern you about all the pros and cons while using this is your system. The 256-bit encryption of Express VPN provides better privacy and also makes the access to the Geo-restricted contents. It has a program of referring friends & 30-day money back guarantee, by which you will be able to get free services for months.

TourGuard- TorGuard is a VPN app with 256 bits AES encryption, which provides better security with fast Bitcoin access and a better Linux support for its users. The security services in this device are really better and it also provides great customizing options to its users. But the little issue with this app, it asks for very much information during the registration time. And it is also concerned the security, but you have to cope with it to install. TorGuard doesn't have a great customer support, but it’s very easy to use and really genuine for the security.

Speed VPN- This VPN app has a very well optimized user-friendly interface, which does not need to face the customer support desks. Speed VPN is specifically designed for general/casual browsing and quite handsome for the personal usage. The best fact on Speed VPN is, it is completely free and can speed up your browsing and surfing access points. Besides all its privacy system is OK.

Vypr VPN-This is one of the most reliable apps for the Ubuntu/Linux users. The Vypr VPN is a very fast app which provides the ultimate security with better client supports. Vypr VPN is about 256 bit and a pro version, available for android and iOS users. This app is good for frequent uses and it never fluctuates. But some may face problems with the costs, because it is not a cheap one. But in terms of fact, the price is really reasonable towards its services.

IPVanish- This app gradually works better in Ubuntu/Linux, but quite slow than the Express VPN. The services regarding user’s privacy are generally good and well determining for all the conditions. But if you feel some problem, then it may take time for getting a response from its customer support. Otherwise, it is well designed to run.

Fast Secure VPN- This app is really a relevant one for Ubuntu and the services are also well optimized for high time use. Here you will get a diligent access over religion restrictions. Problems like, customer support and hanging will never hold. This app is free of cost, but upgrades require payments to go.

Finch VPN- Finch VPN tools are highly optimized and well designed for user customization. This app always provides the advanced and mainstream features for providing the level best of security. It has both paid and unpaid versions, besides there are several differences between the two. But the free version is also reliable for daily use.

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