Advantages and disadvantages of buying instagram followers

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Advantages and disadvantages of buying instagram followers


Instagram is an application which is used for online photo – sharing, video sharing and it is a social networking site. It allows the users to click pictures as well as videos and they can share them either for public view or private view on the app directly. Also, one can share the same on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr. 

Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers

Recently, there have been many debates regarding whether one should buy Instagram followers or no. There are mixed reviews on this. Some suggest that it is not worth as one need to buy Instagram followers who are real for having high engagement rate as the fake followers will mess up with your Instagram profile. While others report that the idea to buy Instagram follower is an effective marketing tactic of the company which will help to boost online credibility. If an individual has many followers it will make the Instagram profile look more appealing to the new potential followers of your profile. It has become a trend and a factor that people will decide on the number of followers you have whether to follow your profile or no. This has become a competition type and thus, recent trend and just a game of numbers.

Benefits of having more Instagram followers are:

• More Instagram followers indicates that you are popular in the eyes of the new potential followers and thus, they will also start following you.

• Having large follower list the conversion rate will also rise higher. As your follower will think that the product and the service you are following are good and that is the reason you are getting more follower and your reviews and ideas will be followed by your follower.

Disadvantages of buying Instagram followers:

• If a person wants to buy cheap Instagram followers, they won’t get enough likes and comments. But, you need to run the social media activities in order to market your profile and get better results. You need to interact with the followers, like and comment on the potential followers in your list, conduct contest, promotions and so on.

• Another disadvantage is that when people come to know that you buy cheap Instagram followers, people will think that you are not honest, and you cheat on your followers, and thus your rank might be affected. But, still, let's think that how people will come to know that you have bought the followers. There are companies who post positive reviews about their product on the site. This is known as brilliant ideas with poor execution.

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It is bad to buy fake instagram followers.

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