Which are complications during delivery(childbirth)? What were they?

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Which are complications during delivery(childbirth)? What were they?

Every woman wishes to step into her phase of motherhood safely and wants to give birth to a healthy offspring. But there are several instances when the woman has to experience complex delivery issues that make the process of childbirth more difficult. Delivery complications can arise at any time of the pregnancy and the doctor usually keeps close track of baby’s week by week development. Most of the complexities like premature birth are caused due to diet and health negligence.

To overcome such scenarios, it is crucial to adhere to the strict medical guidelines as advised by the gynecologist.

Some of the common complications that women usually experience during delivery include:

•    Preterm labor- Premature delivery of the baby is one a common childbirth complication in which the baby is born too early. The organs of the baby are not developed properly, and the body is not mature enough to survive outside the mother’s womb. The lungs of a premature baby cannot breathe the atmospheric air and thus not able to generate the body warmth. In such a condition, the baby is kept under the medical supervision until all his organs get matured. A full-term pregnancy needs to persist for about 40 weeks, and if the mother experiences the labor contractions before 37 weeks of gestation, the condition is known as preterm labor. A premature baby born before 37 weeks is at a higher risk to experience complications like immature lungs, digestive issues, and respiratory distress.

• The abnormal heart rate of the baby- In some of the cases, the growing fetus may have an abnormal heart rate. The medical specialist may advise the mother to switch her sleeping position so that the growing fetus receives an adequate supply of blood and oxygen. However, if the heart rate does not get improved the woman may need to undergo cesarean delivery or an episiotomy.

• Excessive bleeding- During the delivery process, if the uterus tears harshly the woman can experience heavy bleeding. Researchers conclude that persistent and severe bleeding during delivery can also lead to maternal death.

• Amniotic cavity issues- When the woman’s body has the excess or small amount of amniotic fluid, it can result in Amniotic cavity issues during delivery.

Perinatal asphyxia- The medical condition occurs when the fetus does not get enough supply of oxygen in the uterus during the delivery process.

• Umbilical cord issues- In some of the typical cases, the umbilical cord winds up encircling the baby’s neck region, and it can increase the chances of the baby getting choked. However, if the surgeon entangles the umbilical cord properly during the surgery, the baby is born healthy.

• Knotted cords- If the umbilical cords are knotted it arises danger consequences for the baby developing in the womb. The supply of oxygen and blood to the growing fetus gets obstructed due to such knots and can lead to serious birth complications.

• Unwanted pressure on the umbilical cord- When the umbilical cords get unnecessary stretched; it can slow down baby's heartbeat and can lead to respiratory problems for the baby.

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