Are You Using The Right eBay Listing Duration For Your Items?

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There are so many marketing strategies that anyone selling on eBay can use. In the drop shipping business, you will need every possible proven technique that can help boost sales and profit. These proven techniques will not only make sure that your products are visible to your buyers, But will help you enjoy more sales. So what is the right eBay listing duration for your business? 


eBay is known to be one of the best platforms for world's online marketplace in which buyers and sellers to reach collectively and trade nearly anything! Listing duration is when you can list your item to a number of specified days or until you want to cancel. To list your object on eBay, you must give data about your item. Information in a standard listing comprises a title, photo, description, price, payment method, and shipping details. But there are several strategies that a seller can adopt in order to increase their sale and profits on this online store.
Some common techniques to boost the sales of the product is known to most of the buyers which include a catchy title and an attractive image. But there is one thing which is often not used in the strategy of selling that is the duration of the listing.  I will share different listing durations and how are they beneficial to the selling of your product in this drop shipping business. Now it depends on your selling style(Fixed Price Or Auction) which listing duration you should select for your goods.
Let us first know about the types of listing duration on eBay :

1. Good 'Til Canceled (GTC) - This one means that the product you have posted will be listed for 30 days and then renewed for the next 30 days until you remove it. The valid part of this listing is that you do not lose your viewcount and watchers and also keeps the sales history. The bad part is that eBay will charge you automatically at the end of 30 days so you have to keep a check if you want to remove a listing.

2. 30 Days Listing - This means that the item is listed for 30 days and it will get cancelled automatically. The good part of this listing is that after 30 days when you renew the listing if you have any bad reviews on sale, they will all be wiped out and your can start fresh again. This is also a drawback if you were having good sales and reviews on the listing.

3. 10 days/7 days - You can use this listing when you have fewer goods to sell or if you are selling rare items or collectables. Very few people tend to choose this option when it comes to drop shipping business.

Some other advice that you can follow are

1. If you are putting up an auction, try to do that on a weekend as you will have a lot of people surfing though eBay on those days as compared to the normal days.
2. If a holiday is coming up, try to run the auction for the entire week up until one day after the festival.
3. The best time of the day to start your auction is 5 pm and end it at 9 pm. You will have maximum people see your product at these timings.

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