Best programming languages to learn in 2019

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This is the ultimate guide for people wanting to choose the right programming language career path in 2019 to develop different technology. 

This is an actual and practical review of the modern state, trends, and secure near-future predictions of the IT industry at the start of 2019.

The purpose of this post is to encourage you to make an informed judgment about which programming language the IT market is looking for in 2019. It’ll help you decide which niche is worth the time and effort to master, and which will help you start (or continue) successful and profitable career as a software developer.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages according to StackOverflow’s yearly survey, with 62.5% of respondents claiming to use it.

It’s assuredly the dominant language of the web and the growth of JavaScript over the past few years is tremendous.

JavaScript knowledge serves into lots of front-end frameworks, For example, Angular, React, Ember, Backbone, and others. As well as the Node.js run-time setting, this allows you to run JavaScript on the backend with high efficiency.

If you appreciate immediately viewing the results of your work in action, for example creating interactive web components, JavaScript is the right choice for you. Keep in mind that a profession in JavaScript implicitly means you should also be comfortable with HTML and CSS.

2. Swift

Swift is a comparatively new programming language published by Apple in 2014. This is a language for developing primary iOS or macOS applications.

It is reflected an improvement in terms of usability and performance in comparison with Objective-C — the language used for Apple’s iOS and macOS operating systems.

If you want to grow into mobile development, you should consider Swift. Frequently, iOS apps have shown to be more profitable than Android apps.

3. Python

Python programming language is a general-purpose language which is used everywhere today. Examples of Python application are web applications, desktop apps, network servers, operating systems, machine learning, media tools and more. Python GUI is also frequently used in many application.

It is also used by NASA and Google, where the Python developer Guido van Rossum was employed for nearly about 8 years writing mostly…Python.

The most impressive thing about Python is, Its code is neat, readable, and well-structured. The proper arrangement is not just for beauty here — it determines code fulfilling also.

Python-based web development frameworks, for example, Django and Flask have been winning more and more following. Also, this programming language is massively equipped with quality machine learning and data analysis libraries like Scikit-learn and Pandas.

4. Java

Java is the best and popular programming language. As off- 90% of the Fortune 500 companies massively use it. Its famous tagline of Java is “write once, run anywhere” catches one of the keys that presents Java so valuable — its powerful Java Virtual Machine (JVM), this makes it cross-platform compatible.

Common and Popular career paths with Java are- big data developer, backend developer, embedded systems engineer, or Android developer. Although this is not the most “trendy” programming language at the moment, Java is so profoundly used that we can pretty much sure that it won’t go anywhere in the next decade and beyond.

So, feel confident that there are plenty of Java job positions in both cities & remotely. The same is not sure about some of the less popular languages on this list. Therefore, if you are satisfied with Java, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll find the right place.

5. C++

C++ is a very efficient and flexible programming language, it is created back in 1985. C++ has continued in high demand due to its Performance, appearance, reliability, and variety of contexts you can use it in.

Lots of large systems have been designed and maintained successfully using C++, including Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, and Adobe.

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