Top 15 Websites That Offer Free Education

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Top 15 Websites That Offer Free Education

Every person wants to learn as much as they can in their field of interest. But, our pockets don’t allow us to do that! In the event of such circumstances, should one leave the hope of pursuing further education? Certainly not, if you have the internet!

Many websites on the web have enabled us to satisfy our thirst for knowledge and that too for free! Here are some to begin with:

#1. Coursera is a popular website for free online education. It has partnered with many high-end institutions to offer a diverse range of subjects.

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(Image Courtesy: DIY Genius)

#2. Khan Academy

It has partnered with many secondary schools. The uniqueness of this website is that it offers in-depth and detailed knowledge of issues and subjects that may concern the candidate.

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(Image Courtesy: Khan Academy)

#3. Open Culture Online Courses

Like most online based education systems, the user-friendly website specializes in offering video lectures and podcasts from universities around the world. It has an easy and free access to the insightful lectures from the top most universities.

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(Image Courtesy: Open Culture)

#4. Udemy

If you do not want to opt for a course that has predefined subjects, you can customize it according to your requirement with the help of Udemy. It allows the enthusiastic learner to select the topics they wish to gain knowledge in and study what interests them.

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(Image Courtesy: Productivity Me)

#5. Academic Earth

To make things easier, this site curates the list of the subjects it offers along with the name of the school to enable a user-friendly search. Thus, if you want to study a specific course from a particular school, log in to this site and enjoy a hassle free admission.

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#6. edX

Another fabulous site that offers a plethora of options to the potential students is edX. It maintains a quality check on the content available on the site to ensure that the user remains completely satisfied.

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(Image Courtesy: Charter Oak State College)

#7. Alison

Known for offering courses in technology, health, and business, Alison is famous for giving certification in selected courses. It also includes school curriculum.

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(Image Courtesy: FluentU)

#8. iTunesU

If you an Apple device and are looking for free education on the web, this is an ideal site for you! Since it's designed particularly for Apple users, other kinds of software are not compatible with the site. Also, unlike other free education websites, this site lists some courses that require a tuition fee for access.

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(Image Courtesy: Digital Roadtrip)

#9. Stanford Online

If you want to study from the Stanford University and other top-notch schools in the world, you can browse through this website. However, the choices offered are limited, and hence, one cannot explore many options on the site.

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(Image Courtesy: Russian Amanian)

#10. Harvard Extension

Trus to its name, it provides courses from Harvard University only. The course material is exceptional, and the searches can be altered as per the professional certifications.

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(Image Courtesy: Harvard Extension Association)

#11. Open Yale Courses

Much like Harvard Extension, Open Yale courses have content from the Yale University only. However, it also offers the students to gain access to video lectures to make their learning more interesting and mind-engaging.

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(Image Courtesy: Ucaards)

#12. UC Berkeley Class Central

It has comparatively fewer options than the other websites. Although its specialty lies in the fact that it offers some additional lectures, webcasts and RSS Feeds to remain updated on the topic that interests the user.

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(Image Courtesy: Merry Jane)

#13. MIT OpenCourseWare

The website has many courses to offer. Although the range is diverse, it does not compromise on its content quality and provides in-depth information on all the courses offered.

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(Image Courtesy: Scoop it)

#14. University Of London Podcast

The typical feature of the website is that it offers courses and in-depth knowledge of eleven different colleges along with content from its institution.

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(Image Courtesy: PR Web)

#15. University Of Oxford Podcast

Unlike the London University podcast, this site offers a diverse range of podcasts arranged in a series. Thus, making it easy for the potential students to take lectures on the topics that desires them.

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(Image Courtesy: Linkedin)

Do you want to share information about your favorite free education website? Then go ahead and comment to share your opinions and views.

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