Can a person run a family through freelance writing in India?

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Can a person run a family through freelance writing in India?

Freelance web content writing, educational content development, article, and blog writing is gathering momentum in the whole world but how far is it successful in India is still a big question.

Women who can't leave home and want to work from home; people who are disabled are still trying to meet two ends where earning a living through freelance writing is concerned.

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Freelancing is moving at a fast pace in today’s world. With the growing cost of inflation, everyone wants to be able to earn an extra income and I think the Indians are no less. After the US, India stands 2nd in rank among the number of freelancers employed. A person according to me, can solely earn from freelancing and run his/her family. Income assurance can come from doing freelancing work as well. There are a plethora of opportunities in various fields now.



I am a working mother in the IT industry, who wants to make a career through writing but the payscale is not enough compared to my current job. I want to stay with my daughter but can't :(

It's the same with me. I want to work from home but the earnings as a freelance writer are always fluctuating. You cannot think of any big investment as a freelance writer

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