Can studies make someone a genius, or are they just born that way?

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Can studies make someone a genius, or are they just born that way?
  • Studies have nothing to do with genius. It is through ingenuity that one is a genius. In the book “The Valley of Fear”, Arthur Conan Doyle says, “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius”. We have witnessed many geniuses in the past. 
  • Most of them did not even study or they were not at all good in studies. From birth, if a person has a knack then it will burgeon as they grow and it will divulge itself when the time is right. Geniuses come in the impeccable time. If Shakespeare came in our century, would he be esteemed? Obviously not.

  • A genius is not someone who ace in class, but who can think beyond. The world recognizes a genius when a person does things extraordinarily. A person who invents something which has never been thought of is the work of a genius. If a child is born with diverse talent then it is a genius. Improving upon a talent would also give geniuses but it won’t be the same. 
  • A genius is identified with any of his work. Be it writing, building, inventing, painting, and so on. A person, who claims himself or herself to be a genius, cannot be a genius. Geniuses speak less and do more.

  • Edgar Allan Poe in “Marginalia” says “The true genius shudders at incompleteness- imperfection- and usually prefers silence to saying the something which is not everything that should be said”. A genius is not only someone who invents something new, but also a person with the gift of gab. A person who can sway the mass with a speech is a genius or a person who can inspire the mass with a sentence is also a genius. I mean who would not be stimulated by the stirring speech of Martin Luther’s “I have a dream”. Studies alone doesn’t make someone a genius. It is destined that one should be a genius.

  • Studies are a part of life through which one gains knowledge but nothing to do with genius. Unless a kid can do advanced maths or invent something, only then it would be called genius. If someone says something that is never heard of or someone who thinks out of the box is a genius. A person who tops the class either does it by memorizing or intelligence. There is nothing genius about it. Einstein did not study much but he is a genius. The talk of genius even will bring Einstein’s face in your mind. Isn’t it true?

  • Most of the geniuses in the world rebelled. Nobody believed them until later. If geniuses did not come in the world then the world wouldn’t have reached this level. Studies only determine the child’s future, but it cannot make a genius. It helps only in gaining the basic knowledge to survive in this world of competition. Geniuses come only once in a while. If there too many of them, then who would be called a genius? Ingenuity, prolific, poignant, worthwhile, inspiring, effective, genuine, unique, authentic…all these combined creates a genius.

  • If one is born a genius then people will not accept them at first, as they won’t comprehend the truth behind what he or she is saying. Jonathan Swift rightly says, “When a genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him”. It is said that Nicolaus Copernicus first said that the Earth revolves around the sun but no one believed him until Galileo arrived in the picture. Geniuses are mostly not able to reach out due to the fact the others do not let them do so as they will think that it is against their norms and ideology.

  • One cannot be a whiz kid out of the blue, it is natural. Genius, thus, is innate. It is distinctive, amazing and enlightening. As Thomas Carlyle says that heroes as a poet are nature-sent, in the same way, geniuses are nature-sent. They come in the apt time to sway the mass and leave a legend. 
  • They give something novel to the world and make new histories. Carlyle says, “History is nothing but the biography of the Great Man”. Prodigy or wunderkind, they are born and not made. One has to a mastermind and a connoisseur to be a genius. Only brilliance in studies cannot make a genius.
  • Geniuses thus, are not made through studies but are inborn. They are intuitive and instinctive.
May be

I don't think it is a certainty. It depends equally on what one studies and how.

For instance, it has been argued that Hitler was a well-learned man. He even wrote poetry, but he did not turn out to be very good person, did he? And the people that would call him a genius are people most of us wouldn't befriend.

So, it seems that studying does not necessarily make one a genius.

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