Difference between gametes and somatic cells

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Difference between gametes and somatic cells

Chromosomes are the most vital structure as they transform hereditary information.

The human body also has two types of cells depending upon the number of chromosomes they have.

These two types of cells can be categorized as somatic cells and gametes.

Somatic Cells

Somatic cells are essentially diploid cells and they have two sets of chromosomes. One of these is maternal and other is paternal. Any human somatic cell will essentially contain 46 chromosomes which are arranged in 23 pairs. In this, one chromosome of each pair will be maternal and other will be paternal.


Gametes on the other hand are haploid cells and have unpaired chromosomes. Therefore a human gamete will have only 23 chromosomes.

Some other key differences between Somatic Cells and Gametes are as under

• Somatic cells grow from Stem cells while gametes have their origin from germ cells.

• In Somatic cells you will not see Meiosis but in case of Gametes, Meiosis takes places and the process is known as Gametogenesis. This further gives rise to Haploid cells.

• You can find Somatic cells everywhere in the Human Body while Gametes are found only in certain parts.

• Somatic cells never fuse during sexual reproduction while Gametes give rise to diploid zygote as a result of fusion during sexual reproduction.

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A somatic cell is any cell other than a germline cell found in the body of a multi cellular organism. These are diploid cells having two sets of chromosomes; one is maternal and the other is paternal. Unlike the somatic cells, gametes are haploid cells, which carry unpaired chromosomes. A gamete of a particular multi cellular organism always carries only half the number of chromosomes carried by a somatic cell of that particular organism. If you are searching for essay writing related topics then go through the custom essay writing service [http://essaycaptains.com/] will get a clear solution.

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