The secret to becoming handsome and good looking

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The secret to becoming handsome and good looking

Each and every boy born in this world is handsome in his own way. It is natural to get bad reviews from public like not that attractive or good looking, etc, but always remember “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

I don’t believe in plastic or cosmetic surgery to beautify one’s looks, just accepting the way we were made by God itself shows that the person is mature and handsome.

As we grow older, our body goes through lots of morphological changes. So it is up to us to keep that good looks and attractive nature always intact and permanent. Even if we age, we should age gracefully, that is the secret behind being handsome.

A: First and foremost one would be grooming :

1. Being clean and tidy.

2. Dressing up decently as per the occasion.

3. Maintaining good physique by exercising regularly

4. Eating healthy food with enough water.

5. Sleeping well.

B:Next one would be attitude and mannerism.


1. More than looks, the attitude and the behavior of a person add up to one’s personality.

2. Talk to the point and stress where it is needed.

3. Always remember to speak with a smile on the face. A smile can change lots of things around us.

It is a myth that people think that only fair boys are handsome. But that does not mean a dark boy is not good looking. In fact, a regular reader of Mills N Boon books would know that the ideal hero in the story would be dark and handsome.


It is being a good human being with clean deeds and ideas that makes a person more attractive. There are men who lose confidence because they are not handsome. I personally feel that every man born in this world is good looking in his own way as each one of us is unique and different and should not be compared with others.

Always keep smiling and do not laugh at others, but instead laugh with them and always have and show your respect to others irrespective of age, because a cheerful and modest person is considered the most attractive person ever. The goodness that we possess actually makes us look handsome.

See to it that you help at least one needy person once every week or month. Who could be more handsome than a person who brings a smile on another person’s face and life?


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