Qualities a Man Looks for in His Woman

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Qualities a Man Looks for in His Woman

Everyone loves the company of the person who is rich in many qualities so that the other might be as good as him or her. And if we talk about a man, they are very particular about the qualities a person has. Talking of his lover a man is very peculiar about the qualities which she has.

Women these days are self-maintained and has those qualities which can easily attract a man. But to talk about the qualities which a man wants in her woman, it’s a bit tough for a woman to actually be with. Different type of people wants their type of qualities in the person whom they love. We must have heard time and again that “a person is remembered by the qualities he or she has in him and that’s the only thing which-which remain with them until death”.

As we are different from each other, means are our preferences. Man wants their woman to be a sexy chic and many think it differently, so it entirely depends on the person what he wants from the other. Leaving it aside, I am going to tell you those basic qualities which a man looks for in his woman, as I think, those are,


This is the basic thing which I guess every man wants from the woman they love. Loyalty builds up a relationship and is the core of this beautiful bond. The woman should be loyal to his man and should not cheat him. cheating is unbearable by any man on this earth so this one quality is the main quality which a man need most importantly in a relationship.


Trust is the second most important thing important in a relationship and a woman who trusts his man completely is the type which a man looks for. A man wants his woman to always say the truth to him and never hide anything from him. Trust also builds up a relationship and this if broken leads to misunderstandings and fights between the two. Just be true to your man and he will always like you.


Education is also an important factor for a man because he doesn’t want to marry or even in a relationship with a woman who is not well educated or doesn’t even know the manners to talk or even eat. A man always wants his woman to be highly educated so that he can easily take her out among her friends and she is able to cope up with the environment in which she has been to. educated people are liked by everyone and are a point of attraction for many.


A woman should be good in looks to according to his man. She should know how to dress up and the should have the sense of fashion so that she doesn't become a matter of shame for hin when taken out for parties or something. Looks is the basic thing a man wants in his woman, and I guess, mostly man demand this good looking quality in his woman.


A woman should be loving too. This quality impresses his man and they always want their woman to love them their entire life. Love is the most beautiful bond which a man desires for from his woman. A man wants his woman to love him as much as she can.


Understanding each other for better future and a strong relation is wanted by many men from their respective women's. A woman should understand his man completely, his needs, situations, problems, all these things are what a man wants from his woman.


Behaviour is on top most priority by men as they have to take their women as a married woman to their house.  A man wants that his woman shold know to respect his parents as well as the others. Behaviour is what tells all about you. Your character depends on the behaviour you show you others. Every man wants their women to respect and care for his parents as well as should behave in a proper manner to them. None men of this world will want their women to badly treat their parents or relatives. So this quality is liked by a man in his woman.


Care and love is all what a man wants and look in as quality in his woman. He wants his woman to care for him as well as his family.

These were my points, as i think the qualities a man looks for in his woman. If you think differently from this, please do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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