The social pressure of being a mother

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Motherhood is the biggest gift any woman can get.

However, it also comes with immense social pressure as a girl transforms into a woman and experiences the perils of being a mother. The first and foremost social pressure she faces is at her home front only. The mother is expected to look after the baby and care for her immediate family also. This pressure increases immensely in the case of a joint family as she has to tender to the increasing needs of the other family members too.

The other social pressure of motherhood is experienced by women who are working. They have to manage their work profile and look after their families and the children too. This creates an imbalance in most of the situations and the woman has to keep a delicate balance in managing all these fronts. In between, she also has to ensure that her husband is in good spirits always and does not feel ignored since she had been devoting much of her time in raising the child.

It is in these precarious times that the family must stand alongside the lady and offer her all the necessary support so that she does not feel alone or let down on any front.

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