Do you think people should have cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks?

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Do you think people should have cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks?

 “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and there is nobody who is bad looking. Everybody is beautiful and who could be prettier than a newborn to its mother. But still, as we grow into adults we realize that some features are not as dashing as it could have been and we tend to go for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery.

With modernization and development in the cosmetic field, any abnormality can be changed in no time, but of course, it is not that it can be afforded by everyone as it is a very costly process. But still, people go for it to make themselves look ravishing.

It has been found that millions and millions of people both males and females opt for this surgery every year. These days the surgeons can alter any part of the person ranging from a simple facial feature to even bigger body part.

But my option would definitely be against the surgery as we are all nature’s creation and accepting it as we are would be a smart move. What is wrong if the nose is a bit bigger or flatter? We were made this way and one should accept the looks as it is.

But of course, it is not that this surgery is done voluntarily only, as at times, with road accidents or fire accidents, the person would want to repair the facial bone, burnt skin, etc. Therefore they would give their preference for cosmetic surgery as an option. This is an unavoidable situation wherein plastic surgery would become mandatory in order to revert to normal looks.

But this surgery has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to decide whether to go for the operation or not after studying the pros and cons.


· Improvement in the self-confidence level: A young girl, who would prefer to have a better facial feature, for example, say has a very big nose, after undergoing the surgery, would have more confidence level to face the public with a normal looking nose. Therefore the surgery helps in helping one to face life with utmost confidence as it boosts the self-confidence level.

· Health issues:
    1.There are women who would prefer a reduction in the breast size as with bigger ones; they would experience severe back pain. With the reduction of the breast, the pain could be completely eradicated or at least there would be a phenomenal reduction of pain. The same way a nose surgery can reduce the sinus infections in that person.

    2.The same way with liposuction where the person would be very fat and would not even be able to move around. With this surgery, if at all the person can get up and walk around, definitely it would be a wise decision.


· It is a surgery: Whatever the reason may be for the surgery, still it is a surgery and there would definitely be pain involved and should not be taken in a lighter manner as recovery time would range from a couple of weeks to even six months.

· Scarring of the tissue: The scar of the incision would become permanent and is a major disadvantage as it affects the appearance of the facial looks.         

· High hopes: Nobody knows how the outcome would be after the surgery, so do not have high expectations about the surgery with the idea that one would look like a movie star after the surgery

· Cost: As mentioned above, it is a very costly process and there is no insurance coverage for it. During the surgery and recovery period, one needs to take an off from work so there would be a loss financially. So think twice before opting for this surgery.

· Risk factors: Always discuss all the possible risk factors involved n with the surgery like:

1.     Infection at the site.

2.     Profuse bleeding.

3.     Damages in the nerve tissues leading to numbness of the area.        

4.     Necrosis.

5.     Seroma.

6.     Hematoma.

7.     Deep venous thrombosis.

8.     Finally, there is always a possibility of death during the surgery.

  Therefore, one should accept the way they were made by nature and be happy and content with it, as it is a surgery and not a joke to be taken lightly. It has its complications. Of course, there are advantages but, think twice before opting for it.

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