Do You Trust Your Government?

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Public trust in the government remains near historic lows today including Americans also...Do You Trust Your Government..Worlds Largest democratic country India's people also don't government doing better for them or not... Do you Trust your Government ?

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I don’t trust my government. It has been doing things that impacted the general public in a negative way. The plans and schemes have failed through and through. The implementation of the schemes introduced by the government have been really appalling. The demonetization brought in by my government has led to the huge loss of businessman and shopkeepers. Moreover, everyone fears the government and no one feels safe. There is a serious risk in expressing your true opinions. People are scared to talk about the failures of government in public for the fear of being killed and ostracized. My government’s mantra is to divide people on the basis of religion, caste and creed. The approach is very bad and there is nothing significant done. Though they made tall claims before coming to power, things turned awry after they were elected. Initially, they instilled a hope in the hearts and minds of people but slowly and gradually it began to rear its ugly head. Everyone can see through the gull and dupe of this present government which tricked people. I voted for this government in the hope of a good future for the country and the citizens but it turned out otherwise. All my hopes got dashed and I regret my decision profusely now.

All governments are a shadow of the people that built them. All democracy is as great as the personalities that engage in it. As John Michaelson states here, we have to believe that the government is operating for us and understand that there are controls and balances that are in the scheme. Trust in a government implies having faith in the capacity of the management to try to do the best they can for the nation as a whole. In India, we get to choose between one flawed party opposed by another flawed one and we do not have many choices left. But still, a huge majority of Indians trust the government and larger than half of the people consider that autocracy or military rule would be beneficial for the realm. 55 % of Indians accept that autocracy would profit the county. Nevertheless, older people are not usually in favour of the approach.
India stands third when it comes to the record of countries who have the highest trust in their State government. The first two being Indonesia and Switzerland respectively. 73% Indians said that they had faith in their government when asked in a poll. But the number of people who trust the government had decreased by a 9% between the years of 2007 and 2016 as per the report shared by Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). With 73 percent citizens having confidence in Narendra Modi government, India is one of the pre-eminent nations in terms of people with most reliance on their administration. The Narendra Modi government has finished longer than half its tenure and the Prime Minister has been fortunate in guaranteeing political balance and giving firm leadership with bold choices, which were both praised as well as bitterly scrutinised over the last three years. So it is safe to say that in India, the people have enough faith in its current Prime Minister and his leadership qualities to improve the conditions in the country. India may be a country of one of the highest population with a majority of the people earning average wages but it believes that with leaders like Modi in power it can create a better country for itself.

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