Does a Perfect Man Exist?

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Does a Perfect Man Exist?

We often ask ourselves this question- Does a perfect man exist? The answer is NO! But the right guy sure does. We are so hung up on the idea of a perfect man that we seek all kinds of men in this imperfect world. 

The media, novels and our own imagination are the culprits. They have given birth to this idea that forces us to ask the same question over and over again- Does the perfect guy really exist? They showcase that the perfection of your partner will result in perfection of relationships. This is when reality slaps us hard, and we must embrace that men are just like us- full of imperfections.

These little imperfections are the things that make them the right man for us. Here are some of the ways in which these imperfections can be embraced:

# 1. Let Go Of The Idea Of A Perfect Man

The first and foremost thing is to let go of the idea that a perfect man exists. Every human has their shortcomings and has flaws. So, if you think there is such a thing as the perfect man, forget about it!


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# 2. Accept The Truth

Accepting your man’s imperfections is the next step. When you understand that they are just like you, full of insecurities and share the same level of crazy, you will connect with them on another level, and your relationship will reach new heights.

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# 3. Love Yourself

If you can’t find the perfect guy, simply accept the fact that they do not exist. We search and wait for so long, in a hope that someone will come along and love us, in this quest to find the right man, we forget to love ourselves. Instead of waiting for that love to arrive, we should first love ourselves.                                                                     

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# 4. Don’t Rush Into Things

The biggest mistake millennial commit is to jump into relationships at the first chance they get. With no prior knowledge about the opposite sex, we make an impulsive decision based on "Swipe Right, Swipe Left." Men are not always at fault, and we should understand this and accept it.

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#5. Learn From Them

Learn new things from each other. Discover your similarities and differences. Learn to let go of the past and live in the present. Try to learn what they like and what might hurt them. Men are just as emotional as we are maybe a little less, but not at all emotionless. So take a chance to understand them and their feelings.

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#6. Don’t Give Up

If you really want to be with someone, never give up on them. If you think you have found someone the, hold on even in the worst days. Share with them what you think they can work upon, and help them with these shortcomings. No one is born perfect and you cannot find the perfect guy. However, you can live with them happily to lead a fulfilling and perfect life.

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#7. Look For The Right Guy

Don’t run after perfection in relationships or become agitated that you can’t find perfection in your partner. Look for the right guy who makes you feel happy and full of life. Accept them for who they are.

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So there you have it, a great insight on the perfect man and the analogy to have one. Got some ideas on how to find your type of perfect man? Share with us using the Comments' Section below!

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