Famous celebrities who are kleptomaniac

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Famous celebrities who are kleptomaniac

Often Kleptomania is shrugged off as a bad habit but it is a serious mental disorder which affects not only common people but also the rich and famous.

4 celebrities who have not been able to give up the instinct of shoplifting

1. Megan Fox

Megan Fox who has been a successful Hollywood Star has been caught often stealing from shops. The situation went so bad that she has been banned for life from entering Walmart after she was caught lifting lip-gloss costing only $7.

2. Britney Spears

 Britney Spears has also been caught shop lifting on few occasions. She was caught shop lifting a lighter from a gas station and wig from a sex shop.

3. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan also falls in the category of celebrities who have indulged in shop lifting and can be considered as Kleptomaniac. She has been caught on camera stealing jewelry costing $2,500 from a store in Venice.

She has often been seen carrying dresses and bracelets from sets she had worked at.

4. Winona Ryder

Winona was accused of stealing things worth $5000 from Saks Fifth Avenue. She was caught and fined heavily and had to face humiliation for this act.

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Why would you think that kleptomania is related to richness or poorness? These people who has this disorder has the urge to steal.

Why? No, it's not because they will actually use it. Most tend to sell it, give it to friends or family members or donate it. It's because they have this kind of feeling. Excitement, guilt, relief and powerful! 

People that has kleptomania often doesn't admit it no matter what. Some go to a therapist, some goes to a professional mental health doctor counsellor for help. 

Some people realise they have kleptomania at a young age, most likely around 13. I, in the other hand, also has kleptomania. I found out last year, when I was 10. 

The amazing feeling when you steal, happy, relief, scared and guilt. It's just too amazing. People most likely say that this is wrong, and yes, we know that. We know it's wrong, but we can't help it. 

It's a disorder guys. A FREAKING DISORDER. I, admit that I do have kleptomania. I told my sister and she gave me this look of disgust, having me to lower my self-esteem. I don't like to disappoint her, but I can't help it. 

People, if you don't understand us, please do. It's like no stealing, no life.

I did this for me, for everyone, and especially people who has kleptomania.


Kleptomania has nothing to do with richness or poorness as it is a a recurrent urge to steal, typically without regard for need or profit. It is a well known impulse-control disorder characterized by an intense urge to steal things. A person suffering from this disorder experiences a compulsive urge to steal things, usually of trivial value. It often occurs among people with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Thus, such disease has nothing to do with the status or class of any person. 

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