Famous Transgender people of the world

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Famous Transgender people of the world
  1. Janet Mock is a writer, editor and transgender activist. She is the author of the book "Redifining Realness: My path of womanhood, identity love and so much more'.
  2. Marci Bowers is a transgender doctor. She is known for performing Isis King's surgery.
  3. Balian Buschbaum is an Olympic pole vaulter. He is from Germany and was born as a female.
  4. Laverne Cox is an author and actress. She is also an artist and activist. She is nominated for the Prime Time Emmy Award.
  5. Isis King is a fashion designer and model.
  6. Laverne Cox is an advocate and actress.
  7. Brazilian supermodel lea T is a part of many fashion campaigns. She is best known model for posing nude.
  8. Ines Rau is a transgender model. She is twenty five years old. Ines Rau is born in Paris. She is of French-North African descent. She is known for steamy photo shoot with famous model Tyson Beckford for a France magazine.
  9. Jenna Talackova was sued Canada Miss Universe pageant for  disqualifying her because she is a transgender.
  10. Janet Mock is a writer and author of the New York Times Bestselling memoir Redifning Realness.
  11. Amelia maltape is a Bangladeshi glamour model. She resides in Canada. She did a steamy photo shoot for Toronto sun. Many people boycotted the paper after coming to know that she was a transgender. Amelia maltape is born male. But her goal in life is to become Miss World.
  12. Jin Xing is a Chinese choreographer. She is the owner of Jin Xing Shanghai dance company.
  13. Maddie Blaustein is a popular voice over actress for cartoons like "Pokemon".
  14. Ian Harvie is a transgender comedian and actor. He appeared in "Transparent".
  15. Thomas Beatie was the first transgender man who became pregnant by artificial insemination. He gave birth to triplets. His wife was infertile.
  16. Kim Petras is a German pop star. She was performing shows since she was thirteen.
  17. Kelly van der Veer is a television personality and a singer. She is a Dutch.
  18. Roberta Closa is a first transgender model for playboy magazine.
  19. Jahna Steele is a showgirl. She was voted most beautiful and sexiest showgirl. She was fired from the job after being  known as a transgender.
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Not only equal rights but they should be taught to live with people of the mainstream. There are still transgender who beg in trains and sometimes misbehave with the passengers.


Yes, they are also human being 


Yes, they are also human being they also have equal rights...

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